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I can feel my pecs(I don't feel flat-chested) but they are not out enough yet to really notice with my shirt off. I am not sure if it is possibly my scoliosis or the fact that I still don't weigh enough.


I often feel like going the route of pec implants. It just feels this is a long process and if I am a long way of having definable pecs then maybe I should really consider this.



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Unfortunately, muscle growth is a slow process.  You have to eat at a surplus, including plenty of protein, while exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep.  Even then you're looking at 2lb per month maximum, and you don't get to pick where it goes.


It sounds like you're making progress, so stick with it and you'll get there though. :friendly_wink:

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Totally agree,


Even for the most genetically gifted, muscle growth is a slow process.


However, you did specify what routine you are following to build your chest.


From all my years, and too many of them doing stupid stuff, I have learned that you really want to focus on the upper pecs--you can do this by doing incline barbell presses.


Rather than sticking with the flat bench as this tends to--for most people not all--over-develop the middle and lower chest--and once the lower chest starts to sag--well lets just say it is not nice.


Now for diet,


You need to be eating every two-to-three hours, every meal should contain  some high quality protein from good sources like, boneless and skinless chicken breasts, turkey, and eggs, good fats should come from things like nuts and seeds--and the meals should also contain quality carbs from things like sweet potatoes and yams.


The amount of carbs you take in depends totally on your metabolism and activity level--if you are naturally lean--you can should should take in more carbs, if you tend to gain fat easily, then your carb choices should be more, in the range of salads and vegetables.


The thing is, if you are looking to gain muscle, you cannot help but gain some body-fat with it.


You do not want to go over-board--but, some fat gain is O.K.


Post work-out you should be taking in a high quality whey protein shake--I prefer Optimum Nutrtion's  100% Whey--Gold Standard, but there are other quality brands on the market too.


What ever you do, keep going


And never give up.

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