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Veggie/vegan meals under USD $3... GO!


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Hi guys, moving to Reykjavík, Icleand where I've been told it is possible to eat for a week (groceries) for about $45 (USD). This is approx. $6.42 a day, $1.61-1.83 per meal and $0.48-0.81 per snack. So; I'm looking for dirt cheap (healhy) lunch/dinner ideas for about $2-3 each. Fresh fruit and veg are more expensive there, cheaper varieties I think would be $0.50 per serving.... Hit me with your cheapest meals! :D 

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Cook dried beans & lentils, add the sauce of your choice, with some rice/quinoa and frozen veggies. Other good staples include tinned & smoked fish, cottage cheese (or maybe quark in Rykjavik?), whole chickens, eggs, etc. My grocery bill for 2 adults averages out to something between 45-55USD/week, but SO much of how much you spend comes down to what's available in your area. My advice? Wait until you're there to figure out which staple ingredients are the most cost effective.

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...but I'm adorable! Ask anyone who doesn't know me...

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