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How much calories are lost from fried and microwavable foods?


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I end up eating too much of this stuff. For instance, fast food biscuits and microwaving previously cooked meals as well as actual microwavable foods. I have heard microwaving kills calories especially and it seems people are always saying grilled over fried.

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Microwaving food has no effect on its caloric content.  None, zip, zero.  All it does is make the food hot.


To go into more detail, the microwaves energize water molecules in the food, heating them to a boil.  Essentially you're steam-cooking the food from the inside out.  Obviously, since water has no calories, it doesn't matter how much steam you boil away: the dehydrated food will have the same amount of calories it had before.  It'll just shrink. 


(Unless it's a marshmallow, then it'll puff up momentarily and deflate.  Putting Peeps in the microwave is a fun thing to do if you're bored.)


Frying food adds calories because you are cooking the food by immersing it in liquid fat. Some of that fat clings to the food.  Grilling is usually less oily and therefore doesn't add as many calories as frying, but it depends whether you used a baste/marinade/sauce.

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People say grilled over fried to avoid the fats in the frying oil - and depending on the kind of fat (etc etc) this may be a good thing.


Calories are potential energy. As the previous poster said, all the microwave does is make the water molecules hop up and down and get hotter. And sometimes turn your pizza to rubber.

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On 6/7/2018 at 6:47 PM, DaemonCorax said:

And sometimes turn your pizza to rubber.


Have you tried nuking it with a cup of water in there with it? For future reference, slapping it on a skillet actually makes it taste pretty great for day old pizza.

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