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Help Me Fix My Anterior Pelvic Tilt!

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So I have a horrible posture. Also, I want to get hench. Before I get hench, I need to fix my horrible posture. My first hurdle, which I seem to have tripped on and fallen on my face, is my pelvic tilt. There are many videos on YouTube that have seemed to help many people, but I just can't do what they ask me to. For instance:


If you skip to around 5:30, he asks you to tilt your pelvis forward. I just can't do that, I don't know why. Do any of you have any workarounds to this problem, or maybe any tips? It's my first time actually trying not to be fat. The losing weight part is actually really easy, I've lost around 3 kg without really trying (I did some push-ups/sit-ups/stationary bike), and I stopped for a month and I'm still losing weight. I haven't really changed my diet, but I guess the weight loss has to do with an increased metabolism. I'm 15 if that's somehow relevant, but anyways, thanks in advance!



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You will have to practice muscle activation/isolation until you figure out how to move your hips properly - any exercises (or stretches, for that matter) that you try to use to fix APT without tilting your hips back to neutral will only make the issue worse. Try practicing on your back with your knees bent until you can replicate that same tilt in a standing/split stance:


Some other resources for you:




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