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Hey everyone! This isn't my first time trying to jump in to the world of fitness, but this is the first time I've had a good reason to, and the first time I'm getting social about it. ;) So I'm really excited to be here and excited to get to know everyone!


I go by Evan in this little corner of the 'net. I'm a trans guy who recently started hormone replacement, and I want to start getting fit so I can achieve that androgynous body of my dreams (that's only the most shallow level of my Big Why, though!).


Hormone therapy has really taught me, for the first time in my life, the value of small, slow changes. The changes are so slow that at times it feels excruciating, but they are happening. This has inspired me to ease into habits that, in other times of my life, I have dove into at full force, only to pull away a few weeks later. I'm already happy with the results, and my journey has only just begun. 


I'm going to be posting more details about what I'm planning to do over in the 4 Week Challenge forum. I'm stoked to get started!

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