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Workout plan help

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Hi guys, I'm training calisthenics for over a year now, and the progress could be better.

So posting my workout routine here, and hope that you have some tips for me at how to improve it!:adoration:




2 Sets    One arm push ups

1 Set      Push ups

2 Sets    Dips (one chest and one triceps)



4 Sets    Pull ups (wide to narrow)

2 Sets    Rows (hanging on pullup bar)



1 Set      Handstand pushups

1 Set      Elevator Push ups



3 Sets    Squats (wide to narrow)

3 Sets    Bridges

3 Sets    Side plank Leg raises



2 Sets Leg Raises




So I'm doing this program three times a week.

For my nutrition I try to eat enough protein and fruits.:apple:


Not sure if this program is too much for Full body, or if I should increase the workload.

I hope you guys can help me out! Greetings Isaak:angel:

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Your program looks pretty good, and covers most of the key exercises you should include.  In terms of getting a "full-body" workout, you may want to add something for your obliques and lower back.  Probably not critical, though.  Some of my favorite oblique exercises are pistons (from plank position jumps both knees to one elbow and back, alternating sides each time) and Windshield Wipers (side to side leg raises).  Hip hinges and unweighted deadlifts are useful for the lower back.  I have a hard time getting enough muscle tension on these without weights, but doing them one leg at a time helps.


As far as workload, it is hard to tell without knowing your reps and current capability, but as long as you are tailoring so that you are hitting each muscle group 2-4 times a week at 80% or so of AMRAP each set you will probably be good.

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Your program looks good.


Let me ask you a question,


How are you recovering from it?


Meaning are you sore all the time, tired, no motivation.


However, if you are recovering well from it, you can add-in a fourth day.


It does not have to be everything, it can just be exercises that hit certain muscle groups.


Areas you feel need more work.


One last point,


If you do up it to a fourth day--make sure, you up your protein and calories and focus on getting enough sleep.


Hope this Helps.

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Hey Isaak - 


What are your goals? Weight loss, mass, get 6 pack abs, or simply gaining strength? Or are you aiming to achieve particular strength movements/skills - 10 one arm push-ups, a handstand, or 25 strict pull-ups? Or maybe you're just trying to get a full body workout and enjoy calisthenics and you don't have a particular goal. 


Knowing the answer to this questions will guide your programming. :)


In strength-

Coach Pat 

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