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30 Whole Vegans! Measurements of TIME & Octogenerian Workout! ALL IN JAPANESE.

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I am a little late to start this challenge, but I sort of started it yesterday... when I bought the e-Book of the RBG Fitness Routine.
If Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg can do it at 85?  Damnit, so can I.

But baby steps, yeah?  I'm starting a shortened version twice a week, 30 minutes, as I don't have the time to do more right now, but yeah, it's a cute book, and why not?

Which brings me to....
TIME BLOCKING.  As I get closer to my trip to Japan, my time is more and more valuable.  I have two major puppet builds to do this month, a day job to keep on top of, and learning Japanese throughout.  So I need to make a nice obvious easy to follow time blocked schedule and then I need to STICK TO IT.  Wish me luck.

But I need to EAT to have the energy to do all this, so I figured I'd try a vegan/vegetarian version of Whole 30. I've been vegan off and on, and was thinking to keep that up, but I might being in eggs from the local farmers here, as they are local, good for me, and cruelty free.  It depends how I feel about eggs at the time, I guess.  So far I've been starting my day with frozen fruit, kale, protein powder, and chia blended to death smoothie, lunches seem to be lettuce wrap based, and dinner I've been making insane fusion tacos that are kinda brilliant. I will mix things up, but I'm going to try to do Whole 30, but the vegetarian version (so lentils, peanuts, tofu, that sort of thing are okay as protein sources.)

That's about it, besides massively studying Japanese.  Which I'm doing alright with.  I am going to start using tutors to talk to in June and July, as I leave end of July and need to be able to base level function in conversation.

That and I'm making a delightful puppet to accompany me, and I will share him with you all when he's done!

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Ouuf!  So far so set back!


Not *really*, just had a buncha loose ends to tie up, in the form of a big show, which I did, and is over, so hooray!  We did it!  Or I did it... but now I can focus back on Japanese, and working out.  Workout is set for tomorrow, as I am playing D&D tonight (what?  this is a rarity for me!).  Going to do some basic stretches now, though.  The show, while mostly music based, still made my body feel like it got tumbled around on spin cycle in a washing machine, but in a good way?  

Time blocking.  That I will do when I am home today.  I tried to do it this past weekend, but my life was dictated by the show, the tech, that sort of thing, so blocks were abstract.  This time I hope to make it stick.


Throughout I've had no processed sugar (obviously there is sugar in fruit, but nothing added), or bread-stuffs.  Feeling good.

I've not given Japanese the proper study time either, but I've not dropped any of my study streaks.  I'm in the 120's on Duolingo and 8 or so Memrise tracks, so I am still studying at least a half hour a day, but I want to up that this week and onward.

How is everyone else doing?

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On 6/4/2018 at 9:24 PM, Manarelle said:

Grats on the tying up, how'd the big show go? Major kudos on sticking to your food goals during a production, that doesn't sound like an easy feat, but it's obviously paying off. What's the workout looking like? I haven't heard of anything involving The Judge. 

The show! It's up! Or the cute bootleg version is.  At no point does anyone need to watch 40 minutes of me doing this, but I am proud of the accomplishment, and it took 7 hours to upload to youtube, so... if anyone is interested:  HOLY POOP! It just pops in like a big ol' embedded video... we'll, okay then.

As for the workout, my shortened version is okay I've still had no time to *read* the book about the workout, so I've been sort of picking from the basic Nerd Fitness workouts.
The book I am referencing is this one: https://www.amazon.com/RBG-Workout-How-Stays-Strong/dp/1328919129/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1528309792&sr=8-9&keywords=ruth+bader+ginsburg
I can't recommend it yet, as I've not read it, but I think it was a worthwhile 2$ digital book purchase.

I actually found that the "diet" worked well while I was in the stress of all this.  I made smoothies with veggies, fruits, and protein powder and kept a package of Soylent (plantbased powdered food) if I needed it. And the venue makes a great cashew and kale salad.
I know fruit has sugar (heck, veggies too), but I am really liking how I feel almost mentally and emotionally when I cut out sugar. I'll enjoy it when I am done with this month, but I don't miss it yet.  Been snacking on dried unsweetened unsulphered mangos from Trader Joes which are my sort of designated weakness.


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On 6/6/2018 at 2:33 PM, tinywonder said:

I know fruit has sugar (heck, veggies too), but I am really liking how I feel almost mentally and emotionally when I cut out sugar. I'll enjoy it when I am done with this month, but I don't miss it yet.  Been snacking on dried unsweetened unsulphered mangos from Trader Joes which are my sort of designated weakness.


Big difference between fructose and sucrose. You may find that your tolerance for sugary sweets has gone down at the end of the month, but yes, I agree it makes one feel better. It really does feel like an addiction. Love the show! I will admit I didn't watch all of it just yet, but you look amazing, and perform very well; so many different talents and I love your facial expressions. Thank you for putting that up. 

Manarelle the Level 60 Amazon Assassin

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Aw, thanks!
Yes, it's good to remember the difference between fructose and sucrose, and I think my tolerance has already gone down quite a bit, I had something over the weekend that was handed to me, coconut chips of a sort, and it didn't occur to me that it might be a sweetened thing, but oh my goodness it was way too sweet for me, I felt miffed for a moment that I didn't think to ask, but then decided I rather liked checking in with how sweet things taste to me, and watching that tolerance slip.  Then I go back to drinking this kale, protein, orange and mango chia smoothie that I just water down all day, and it's pretty good!

Still haven't gotten to read the RBG workout, but I went kayaking and stretched before and after, so I did some good physical engagement this weekend, and today I am planning on getting back into my 5K training, so while I'm floating a little off course from my stated goals, I am glad I am succeeding where I am.

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