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So I joined back in 2014 and was gradually dropping weight, boosting race times and generally having an all-round good time. Then I foolishly decided I could go at it alone...


In the interim I had changes (good and bad), re-assessment of goals and new animals.


4 years later (it really cannot be that long can it?) I'm back, heavier and slower than before but eager to come back and carry on. So consider this my respawn. I'm regularly running again and watching my food intake. I'm also getting involved with more fitness communities to build my support crew out.


Heres to a better go round this time.

Ashenmaster the level 1 Lycan Ranger
STR 5 | STA 6 | DEX 0 | CON 2 | WIS 2 | CHA 0
My Battlelog So Far
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