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DrFeelgood - Starting Over

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Boy, what a great trip!  We made a lot of cool family memories hiking around the South Rim trail and hanging out together at our campsite.  After arriving in the afternoon on Saturday we got busy setting up camp and then made dinner for everyone.  MFG and I drove out to the Village just to get the lay of the land, and I got my first glimpse of the canyon in over 20 years.  We got back to camp and settled in for the night.


Each day after started early with camp breakfast followed by a few miles of hiking along the rim trail, exploring the different sections of the central park area.  It was all too easy to stop frequently for views like this one:




Just an incredible place!  Usually after hiking for most of the morning we'd return to the general store for some ice-cream treats, then we'd head back to camp to prepare lunch.  Since it was hovering around 90 degrees every day at mid-day that's when we'd relax at camp in the shade or take an air-conditioned shuttle ride to a more remote part of the canyon rim.  I bought Ender's Game to read during our trip and was not disappointed.  After dinner we'd take another jaunt out to the canyon for more walking and scenery, and the Rangers put on programs that we'd attend--Brick and I really enjoyed learning about the California Condors at the park; and we actually spotted one flying during our final morning hike on Tuesday.  That evening we went out to Hopi Point for the sunset, which was absolutely majestic!


I was pretty mindful of my food choices until the last couple of days when I just ate for the pure enjoyment of it.  It was nice not to have to think about disciplines, and I'm sure any possible detriment was more than offset by all the physical activity.  My first night's sleep was a little rough while I got used to the new locale, but every night after that was excellent.  I couldn't be happier with how the trip went, and we're already talking about going back to do some of the more advanced hiking in the near future (though not in the heat of summer :D).


I haven't weighed in or really done any kind of proper challenge wrap up, and I don't think I'm going to.  All that really matters is that I'm pleased with how this challenge went and I'm looking forward to continuing in the next one.  We're going to spend the next couple of days at my MIL's in Albuquerque resting and recovering, then once I'm back at home in Oklahoma I'll prepare a new post with some additional goals for the next challenge.

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