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Kickboxing Gear

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I finally found enough courage to join a kickboxing gym! Woot! I had my first class last night and I'm in love. I'm looking for recommendations for gear - both for what I can use at the gym (gloves, wraps, cleaner, etc) and at home. I'm also considering getting a punching bag. My roommate also does kickboxing so it will definitely get used. Also if there are any good videos or people to follow on youtube or podcasts, let me know.






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Wraps don't matter much, as long as they're long enough. If you're getting Everlast make sure they're the 180s, or stitch two together. (I fought with a torn-up sack of flour stitched together, as seen in my AV, for years.) There are many ways to wrap your hands; the idea is more to keep the bones stable for punching than padding-up your hands (that's what gloves are for). 


Gloves make a difference. I personally prefer Twins and Fairtex, but have used other brands that are fine as well. Find ones you like, probably not the ones covered in canvas if you're sparring.


A home punching bag is a tricky setup, and if your roommate participates as well I think a better investment would be shinguards and mouthpieces and do some partner drills.


For workouts, I've used Bas Rutten's MMA Workout for years, and will recommend it to anyone. Even made my mom do it.


If you're committed and looking to get some supplemental quality training on your own, Bang Muay Thai Academy is an excellent place to start. The Ninja Academy has a 2.5-year curriculum you can follow, as well as seminars on video. I was also a member of Duke Roufus' Online Academy, which seemed less structured but very technical.

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