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Completely new, but I think I'll like it here

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Hello everyone! 


I've never been much of a fitness guy, but I recently graduated college and  landed a job where I'm at a desk the majority of my time. I want to develop some healthy habits before getting used to only sitting all day. 


I've been looking around some other forums for fitness to try and get motivated, but this forum seems to spark the inner nerd necessary to motivate me. I'm a huge fan of video games and part of my problem is that I want to just go home and game after a long day of work. Maybe I'll be motivated to work by incorporating my nerd self into my fitness plans. 


The leveling, guilds, and challenges are all new to me so I'm trying to understand how they all work together. Are there any tips on getting the grasp of things? I see the current challenge has already started but am I able to just jump in it? 

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Hi, I wish you a lot of luck in getting more active. I can't imagine sitting at a desk all work day. I would go crazy.


The leveling up and the skill points comes from the online Nerd Fitness program that people pay for, but I'm not entirely sure because I've never used it. I know it's optional though.


The guilds are there so other members can distinguish what each member specializes in - what they like doing for their workouts I guess. I'm a scout which means I enjoy running long distances. Warriors like lifting heavy weights and so on. And there is no cut off point for challenges where after a certain point no one can jump in and start. The NF Beginner's guide can go into more detail for you about challenges because I can't remember every detail lol.

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