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I need some help with my meal plan.

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Hello, so I heard of this site and decided to see what its all about.   

I could use some tips and ideas as to how to adapt my  diet.  for better  understanding. I am male, 29 years old. And i went trough a  long period of malnutrition. In short my weight at the time was 69 kg at 194 cm height. At present i gained finally weight and am currently just under 90kg. I would like some tips as to how to tone and develop  muscle but from atrophy.   THank y'all in  advance :)


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First, I would like to say Congrats!


It sounds like you have been through a lot--and have come back from it.


First, I would get the all-clear from your doctor--that you are healthy enough to work out.


Once you have this, I would head on over to www.stronglifts.com


This site has tons on information.


The 5x5 system--which is 5 sets of five reps per set--for a total of 25 reps--is a great place--and a great method to use--when you are just getting started.


So, many beginners think that light weights and high reps are the way to go--at the beginning, but, this is not correct.


When you are just starting out in weight lifting, and you have not mastered the form on exercises yet--your form will break down quickly,


When you get tired--so I high reps are not the way to go--yet.


With the 5x5 system, you do not have to worry about this--so you can concentrate on perfecting your form,


And then, and only then, worry about adding weight to the bar.


One word of advice, from someone who has been doing this for a while,


Take it slow, start with one set of 5 for the exercises--and work up from there--yes, it will take longer--but, trust me,


If you rush it--you will get hurt--and I have done that a lot--and it is not fun.


Hope this Helps.

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Thank you, 
Im checking out the site,  and it might not be up my alley because of my back.   Currently I cant really  lift weights.  I just got able  to do push ups relatively normally.  BUt this 5x5 thing is very interesting.  Following Athlean X  keeps stressing quality over quantity. SO im thinking of using this method adapting the workouts  to use body weight. instead of using double the  reps  for less which obviously puts a lot of stress on my arms and shoulders, less reps in multiple sets with correct form Is very interesting.  I would like to point out, that I have an ok  by my doctor. And  She pretty much forbids me any for of diet. her reasoning that in this fase of weight gain I shouldnt avoid  any foods, FOr the simple reason to acumulate a tad over minimum for all  nutrients in my blood, I use supplements for those, b complex, cink vitamin c  kalc magnesium and  vitamin d, i regained my appetite, and  actually feel energized enough.  

Reading this, I actually Was wondering,  Is the protein diet actually a viable option  for maintaining a certain  weight?  So right now this is  more of  a future plan.  Once i  reach a goal i would like to maintain it rather than  gain.  

What is your take on the  whole idea ?  

Thank you for you time. 

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