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Stuck in 25% BODY FAT


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I am a 20 year old girl who has been training in the gym for a year now, i am 5'6", and started weighing 71,5kg as a i came back for a 1 year vacation. I currently weight 63kg, have a muscle mass of 45,8 and a Body fat percentage of 23% (last time i weight myself, but I know is approximate so i would say im around 25%). 

I go to the gym 4 times a week, 2 days upper body, 2 days lower body, 25min of cardio all those 4 days. I have three dogs so i keep myself active also after the gym. 

About my diet, is something i was very aware of at the beginning but not so much now:

BREAKFAST: 1/2 lemon with 400ml of water, and a garlic suplement pill. 

LUNCH: tomato and spinach sald, with seeds and nuts, and olive oil, (small, like a quarter of tomato, one tea spoon on seed and nuts and 100gr of spinach) + main dish (can be mashed vegetables, soup, pasta with tomato, quinoa with tomato...) + 1/2 pieces of fruit

MID-ADTERNOON: 1 banana, and 1 homemade chocolate cupcake (since 1 week)

NIGHT: hazelnut yogurt, with natural hazelnuts, almonds, and granola, also some chocolate chips, blueberries and half a banana. 

i am not vegan but i try to maintain all my meals animal-free. 

About my diet, i know i have to do this following things, but in would love any other suggestion: no more chocolate cupcake, avoid the pasta in the lunch period, instead more vegetables and proteins, (what vegan protein preferible so you recommend me to add to my lunches?)

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I really don't see much protein in your diet--aside from the nuts and seeds.


For someone with your activity level--you really need to eat more protein.


Start changing up your breakfast, there is almost zero protein there.


Try having a protein shake--I would prefer a whey shake, but,  you can do Optimum Nutrition's  Gold Standard 100% Plant protein


With this you can have some NON-GMO whole wheat bread with NON-GMO peanut butter.


For lunch try adding a couple of hard-boiled eggs to your salad.


For your mid-afternoon I would drop the banana and chocolate cupcake and have some more protein and nuts.


As for night switch out the yogurt and have cottage cheese.


Also, after your workouts start having some protein--again I would really prefer that you have a scoop of a high quality whey protein,


Like Optimum Nutrition's 100% whey gold standard--they have tons of flavors--My favorite is the double rich chocolate--so you are bound to


Find one that you will like.


Hope this Helps.

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As for me, I think the problem is not in your diet or training, but in high cortisol level that can result in fat depot on the neck, stomach, face and upper arms. Have you undertaken any hormone tests? This procedure is very important if you want to lose weight correctly and stay healthy. And I think you lack protein in your  diet, try to modify it a little bit.

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