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New routine help and advice please :)

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Hi folks,

I am 34, 6'1 and weight about 89kg and have been following Stronglifts for about 3 months and have seen improvements in strength and physique, my best weights were 90kg squat for 5x5, 100kg deadlift for 1x5, 47.5kg OHP for 3x5, 70kg bench press for 5x5 (this was in a 3d Smith machine so might not be a true representation as if id done it on a regular bar and bench).


I am beginning to plateau a little bit and the sessions are becoming really long due to the rest periods between sets so a bit of boredom has set in with going the gym. I am looking to mix my routine up a little bit and i would like to combine weight training and bodyweight training. I was looking at the Greyskull LP strength program, has any one used or had any success with this program? Or i was thinking of doing my own A/B split which would look like:-


Barbell Squat 3x5

OHP 3x5

Barbell Row 3x5

Pushup variation 3x8-12

Pull up/chin ups variation 3x5-8(depending on difficulty)

Core work



Deadlift 1x5 (building up with warm up sets)

Bench Press 3x5

Bodyweight Squat Variation 3x5-8 (depending on difficulty)

Pull up/chin ups variation 3x5-8(depending on difficulty)

Bodyweight dips 3x5-8 (will work up to weighted dips)

Core work


Does this seem like a ok/balanced split, my goals are to improve strength and gain some hypertrophy? Any feedback or advice would be really appreciated :)



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hi GThor,


Your plateau-ing numbers are VERY SIMILAR to where I stalled out on SL 5x5 about 1.5 years back. I moved on to a 5/3/1-type %/rep scheme with no accessories, no AMRAP, but allowed myself joker sets on the singles day. I generally lifted 2-3x per week and did 2-3 lifts per session. While my progress has slowed significantly (caveat: max strength is a means to an end for me, not the end itself, so i was on maintenance diet, etc) but for sure I have seen results (if you can't see the sig, my various 1RMs have improved to - SQ: ~130kg, DL: ~144kg, OHP: ~67kg, BP: ~98kg, and 13-15 pullups depending on how heavy I am on the day!)


I think your scheme or any well-known scheme out there will do ok, as long as they follow the basic theories of progressive overload, periodisation, reasonable rep/set ranges, and a good mix of the fundamental movements. Good luck!

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So, personally, I haven't actually used GreySkull LP. But I can't say as many people who've used it have much bad to say about it. 


If it fits what you're looking for, give it a go, and see how things pan out. If it turns out you're not getting what you need from it, then give something else a go. 


That being said, progress is not linear. Each kilo you add to your lifts will take longer and longer to achieve. So if you feel like a program just isn't increasing your strength fast enough for you, it might be your expectations that need an adjustment, not your program.


Additionally, I remember at the end of my time on SL, I was taking around 2.5 hours per workout to get through all my sets. 5 sets of 5 at close to maximal effort will do that to you though.

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I followed stronglifts until my first stall (roughly 300# sq, 215# bp, 415# dl, all ugly af), and I ran into the same rest and boredom issues. I ran this program for squat after:



I had never tested 1rm, so I treated my "75%" as a weight I could hit for 5 perfect reps (275# for me) and calculated every other weight from there. I liked it because even when my workouts we're just as long some days, cycling the reps from 2-3-5-2-3-5-etc was far more engaging. It also took me from an estimated 375# back squat to 400#. You can run this on press too, but pick one. I tried to do it for both bench and overhead, and while I PRed both, I wore myself down to the point that I hated pressing.

Alternatively, a fun program to run for pressing is the Russian Bear. Pick a weight you can do 7 perfect reps with, and hit 5. Rest 5 minutes, take 10% off the bar, and hit another 5. Rest 3 minutes, take off the same weight again, and now hit sets of 5 every minute on the minute. Let the weights rise when you're ready, or start conservative and follow a linear or waving progression.

Another fun one to help your pulling is: https://www.strongfirst.com/daily-dose-deadlift-plan/

Daily deadlift at submax weight is a great way to up the pull. I've actually been thinking about hitting this program again.


I have run all three of these at the same time (MWF squat, Tu/The bench, daily dead) and it didn't affect me negativity at all. Each approach is certainly unconventional, but they all work, and very well in my opinion. The plus side is they are also rarely if ever boring



Finally, another way to fight boredom with weight training is to keep a journal entry for every set. What you did right, what you could improve, how it felt. It keeps you engaged, and it greatly improved the quality of your lifting.

Enjoy the Iron, friend!

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I can definitely recommend greyakull l.p. I an almost at 1000lb total running it.


If you don't want to buy the ebook, there is plenty of information around BUT some of it may be outraged and Johnny P has changed his stance on a few things


If you Google greyskull tiger droppings you will find a great article written by lsu77 "A primer to greyskull" or something similar.

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