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Nickle-free watch band?

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I recently got a new fitness tracker/smart watch that I love (yay!).  However, I am allergic to nickle.  I was able to successfully mask off the back of the watch and haven't had any allergy issues from that.  However, I have been having no luck with the band and it is killing me.  I've tried 3 different ones so far, including one which claimed to be nickle free (it wasn't), and have not been able to successfully keep the nickle off my skin unless I wear a band-aid (not a long-term solution).  I've looked at Amazon, Etsy, Target, and Kohls so far and either they don't sell watch bands w/o a watch attached, or everything either has nickle and/or will cover up the heart rate sensor on the watch.  Does anyone have any other idea where I can look?  I'm planning to stop by the mall either tonight or tomorrow, but I do not have high hopes of being successful. :(  My watch takes 20mm pins.  I'd probably be ok with something that had a nickle buckle if part of the strap went underneath it so that the buckle wasn't in contact with skin, but I haven't seen anything like that, either.

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Did you ever find a solution to this?


If not, maybe you could find a leather option? If your watch connects to the band like a standard watch does, you might consider visiting a local jeweler. All of the jewelers I've known carry a variety of watch bands in different sizes, and even if they don't have something right there, they might have better resources for tracking something down that will work.

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I'm also allergic and I used to cover my belt buckles with clear nail polish.

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I know that I am late to posting but I would have to agree with what has been said so far. But I would also add; see if you can find a two piece NATO strap (cheap nato straps sells them) I like them for there ruggedness and I would purchase a nickel testing kit (I have one for when I want to know if the is any nickel in a belt jewelry etc.)

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So I completely forgot to come back and report that I did eventually find a velcro strap that worked.  It came from Amazon, and I can post the link to it if anyone is interested.  So far it's holding up great.  Thanks for the other suggestions.  Unfortunately, those were all tried to no avail.

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