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Rosies Run to the Beach Challenge

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This challenge actually finished the day I'm going on holiday, what a perfect way to get in shape for the beach! Shame I've got a busted foot (again) which I predict might take a week or two to get better so I'll have to concentrate on other aspects of my goals while I rest it.

*edit to do this properly*

Name: Rosie

Class : Scout

Species: Pixie


Strength (STR): 2

Dexterity (DEX): 1

Stamina (STA): 3

Constitution (CON): 2

Wisdom (WIS): 2

Charisma (CHA): 2

Total: 12

Fitness Goals:

To get to a sub 30minute 5km. I'm already pretty close although the time I'll be off might put me back slightly so I'll have to work harder once I'm back in training. STA + 2

Start the Body Pump class at my gym and aim to go to at least one a week. STR +2

Carry on with my Push Up progress and aim for 10 full push ups by the end of the challenge. STR + 2

Lifestyle Goals:

Cut out all the crap from my diet and stop snacking between meals. Make my own lunches everyday and eat clean for every meal.CON + 3

Start drawing again in my free time and get back into art and photography. WIS+2

Life Goals:

Carry on my daily homework which has fallen by the wayside recently and spend an hour every evening looking for and sending out job applications. CON+2

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Day 1 - foot is feeling much better so I'm hoping it wont be long before I can get back into my running training. Still on pain killers to stop it hurting but I can get around without limping too much!

Made my own lunch today of Tuna Salad made with a can of tuna, handful of lettuce, chopped tomato, some olives and capers. Will also pick up a big bag of dried fruit later on.

I have a push up programme downloaded onto my phone to start doing tonight although I'll have to start with knee assisted push ups as I don't want to rick putting a lot of weight on my feet.

Also have an application form for job at a college as the Curriculum Administrator for the Arts and Media department which I'll work on this evening as my job application homework.

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WarriorAmy thats the Grim Original last December. Was my first mud run which I absolutely loved! I have another one on may 12th which I'm hoping and praying my foot will be healed for :-S

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Day 3 - Still not completely healed from my foot injury but I am walking better and even managed a strange little trot to the bus yesterday! Not going to risk running on it yet though but I have the Beast in the East 10km mud race in 9 days that I am praying it will be better for! Other exercise goals are slow off the mark. I managed a few knee assisted push ups the other day but its remembering to do them that is making me fail on that goal so far! I'm adding a goal of setting my alarm for 6:30 and NOT HITTING SNOOZE to ensure I have half an hour spare in the morning to fit in some exercise. this will also mean getting to bed at a decent time so I can get a good amount of sleep too.

Goal add:

get to bed before 11, dont his snooze in the morning.

Havent yet started the Body Pump class but that is obviously dependant on my foot healing!

Other goals I'm finding a lot better. I spent 2 hours yesterday completing the application for the vacancy at the job centre and have already done my nightly homework of job hunting.

Bought a new sketch book and pencils and started drawing in the evening. I've found I love drawing Disney art so if I'm stuck for an idea on what to draw, I just do my favourite Disney movie! (yeah I'm 27 and I still love Disney :-p )

I have stocked up the fridge on lunch supplies - hard boiled eggs, tuna, lettuce, and various meats!

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Day 8 - Still in pain on my foot. I tried to run for a bus yesterday and it was agony. I'm pulling out of Beast in the East which I'm gutted about :( I am however going to get back to the gym tonight. Although I can't to running, I can put weight on my foot ok so at least I can do some low impact stuff. Some rowing, cycling and weights. will update this evening with what I managed to do there! I'm going to also get a time for this weeks challenge on the bike even though I hate cycling at the gym but since I cant run.... (A stationary bike counts right?)

This weekend I did pretty well eating clean (Except for yesterday as it was May Day bank holiday so I treated myself to an amazing chicken and bacon pie for lunch!)

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I'm back baby! Finally I'm walking properly again and abale to get back to the gym! I'm leaving it an extra week to start back at running just to be safe but I'm so glad I managed a work out this evening!

Elliptical machine - 20 minutes

Rowing Machine - 15 minutes on setting 6

Cycling - 13 Minutes, 3.5km

Kneeling pushup - 1set 1reps.

Whew so glad I'm getting back on it as I was feeling so lazy resting constantly! I'm hoping to make another trip to the gym tomorrow and then next week start back running nice and slowly (talking going back to 2km for a run and then build up the distance again, right back to square one!)

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Killergriller I will be don't worry! Going to start again right back where I was before on a nice easy 2km route and stick to that for a while before I start upping my distance, even if I feel the urge to start running my old 7km route again!

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Rosie - as a member of the Adventurer Guild, our challenge this week is seek out another member of the community in another guild and share one of their goals for the week. After browsing around, I stumbled on your goal of a sub-30m 5k run. This week I just successfully finished my goal of running 5k without walking / stopping, and this is the perfect "next" goal for me to transition into.

Good luck!

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Hi mahchoo excellent goal for people starting out in running! It's a challenge but not impossible :)

I've had a minor set back with the healing of my foot in that I did an awful lot of walking yesterday and woke up this morning with more pain than usual. I was able to walk and run on the treadmill without much discomfort but I think now I'm resolved to not to any of that until I'm walking with no pain again. Feels like a step backwards but I have two half marathons to compete in 5 months time and I can't risk still being in pain at that point! I'm still going to cycle and do other forms of exercise but I'm back to zero running until further notice!

I'm doing well on my other goals though, eating clean, push up training and my daily job hunt (even got offered an interview for one this morning but I'm going to have to turn it down due to the office being in the arse end of nowhere!) so at least this challenge isnt a total write off!

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I didn't get it last week, best was about 31:40 or so, but I'm going to keep trying. It's a great goal to have :).

Good luck with the healing. I've been dealing with nagging ankle soreness that I hope is nothing more than just a slight twist.

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