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... "Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'"

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Arr'ght, this has been quite a week. I've had friends coming over this weekend, so cleaning and decluttering to do. We went fishing today and it was nice and way less complicated than I'd have thought. Fishing may enter my life in the future. Work has ben its usual hell though I'm starting to feel comfortable in it. I think I'm developing confidence and will soon be ready for a dramatic turn (meaning being less defensive and more unapologetic), good things are to come.





Purely administrative progress: I haven't worked a minute on it these weeks but my sister has become interested in it and will take care of a part of it. The lesser total surface means that more of it has been done when expressed as a percentage.



Surviving at work:



It's been crazy. I hope this week will be lighter but have very little hope of it.






Had no choice but to work on it before my friends arrival. I still have a locked room full of stuff, I choose to define that as a good 40% left to do.



Survival rations:



Hopefully no volcano will erupt this year.

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Well, I need to write this up in order to get it out of my mind: how come there are "one of these days?"


You know, the day when everyone seems to have decided to call you and the important stuff gets drowned into petty demands and you have no way to sort them before calling people back and end up spending hours listening to petty problems while there are important stuff you have to take care of and it's hidden in one of those unknown numbers?


So, yeah, today was one of those days. I don't want to live another one of them. Ever.


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Thanks. I like to complain but I've eaten enough, there was a roof over my head when I went to bed and war wasn't raging on the streets so it was still a pretty OK day. :)


Today has the means to be more productive, we'll see how it goes.

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Several observations I've made lately. I'm storing them here for later use:


I don't spend time for myself. My free time is used for others (volunteering), doing things that don't appeal to me (socializing) or being sick and trying to build myself up again. This needs to change.

There is no such thing as a "fair amount" of things to do to deserve some rest. The circumstances don't adapt to "fair". Things change when they are done. I need to find my focus and prioritize the things that need to be done for me over the things that need to be done for my job, which are an endless energy draining pit.

It's time to dig out my military training, in particular:

  • specific times to wake up and go to bed.
  • a looooot of time to prep up in the morning. This includes breakfast.
  • starting the day with some physical workout. The day doesn't start too early and that's no reason to rush to work.
  • eating and drinking enough.
  • things are done when everything is cleaned, stowed and ready for the next use.

We were always tired but there was always a lot of time in the day when I was doing it so I'll take it as a starting point and build things back up from there.


I've discovered that I'm absolutely not doing things with purpose. I want to explore another way of life where you decide what outcome you want to achieve before doing anything and once it is settled, you do the things in the way required to reach that outcome. Do less but with more focus. It may be worth reading some stuff about the way of the Samouraï. I'll see if I can dig out my copy of Myamoto Musashi's Gorin-no-shô.

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I'm getting lost in my thoughts so I need to put down what constitutes a win for today in order to get a few things done.


A win for today is:

Working 2+ hours on the vineyard.

Practice the scout's mini yoga routine.

Do 3*6 inverted bodyweiht rows.

Being ready with my plan for the road project I'm working on to show to my boss tomorrow.

Having written the letters needed for said project so that they can be sent early tomorrow.

Having studied what is asked of me for an article in the local newspaper and having written part of it (ETA: I'm dropping it, it can wait 'till tomorrow.)


Everything else is secondary. When I've reached this, I can go to sleep.

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I've had a creative thought today. It feels like I hadn't had one in more than a year... seems important enough to record here. I guess what my body is telling me is that I am in some kind of a perma-stress state and running straight for a wall on which to break my head. My brain is reminding me that it's still sharp and that there's a future for me out of this job.


I've changed my music regimen, switching to calm, meditative musics/songs and will see how it goes.


By the way:

Surviving at work

Getting even with "due overtime"



That one's been cracked! The reward was a week of coughing and low energy due to my body letting go and catching a cold. I don't care, I'll still celebrate when I'll be in a better shape. :D



The bottom line of this all is that I think I'm living my life on the asumption that time is working for me and that there is a time when things will sort themselves out. I now feel like there isn't: the basic problem is that there are more things to do in a day than time in it, almost every day. The days that aren't that way end up being used for letting go and end up not being productive. Things will only change when I'll make them so and that means tackling a few things at a time, carrying them through and dropping absolutely everything else. 'Twould be great if I could put filters on my phone but, unfortunately, I can't and I'll have to tell people directly.

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Hey, thanks for being there! :)


I'm alive and going through what looks like the last pockets of resistance with my cold. It's its dying breath but it gives it its all. ^^


Also, I wish for that beautiful phone filter for christmas. You know, something that knows ahead of time if a call is important or not and that redirects all those that aren't. If someone is willing to invent it, I'll pledge my money to him/her and grant him/her my undying thanks.

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