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... "Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'"

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Question of the week, let's see if I can come up with an answer:


How come everybody I need to mandate in order to truly know what I'm doing is SO. DAMN. BUSY., people tell me that the required professionnals are lacking and YET the feedback I have from people of my generation is that finding a job is hard? It feels like experience isn't being transfered and we're going toward some huge difficulties in the next 20 years or so if we don't react properly to that.


The question still being: what do I do to cover my ass without my mind exploding due to accumulating work?


Let's cool down and find out.

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This may not be the place to write these kinds of things but hey! I'm really feeling like it tonight. I'll probably put it all together somewhere, later, but for now, this place will do (and let the powers that be take it away if it's out of place).


I'm feeling lost.


Lost in the kind of way that happens when the winds are unwinding around you to finally let go of the storm. There's no direction in sight but I know that time will settle things down. Time's a direction too. It's the fear of the unknown, of taking charge of my life. It feels overwhelming. I have no idea of what I'm doing and yet, intimately, it feels like what I've been trying to achieve for a long time.


'Feels like freedom.


Freedom is a state of mind. You build toward it. Of course, it's easier when things are going right but you build toward it through hardship; and it grows and fills you when the time is right. It's a breakthrough, reaching the edge of the forest when, two steps earlier, all you could see were dark trees. You grow. Suddenly, you realise that you have what it takes to live out of your own means, to do what you truly want to do without fear of repercussions. Of course, there are limitations: we're not talking about our daily wants, here, freedom isn't robbing a bank and getting a free pass with the cops. We're talking about shaping your environment into whatever it is that you truly want it to be. When you have a vision and believe in it so much that you no longer see it but feel it as a part of everything you do, that you are blind to directions but know in your heart that it's going well, that you're not there, but on your way, and that you'll inevitably reach there, no matter when. Then that vision becomes an unyielding wave that walks with you and takes everything else around with it.


Nobody fights the tide and succeeds. When you are free, you cease to try and fight it: you become the tide.

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So, 2020 is at the door and it's gonna be a GREAT year! I'm using this log to throw notes and be ready with a battle plan comes the right time.


What I want: be awesome.


Points of focus:



  • Body hygiene:
    • teeth brushing;
    • flossing;
    • hair cuts;
    • beard trimming;
    • body hair handling (to be determined how).
  • Clothes and shoes:
    • invest in the right clothes/shoes to build a style I'm comfortable with;
    • learn what's wrong with my way of ironing (because seriously, guys/gals).
  • Home:
    • maintain a minimalistic clean and functional home.
  • Physique:
    • run;
    • exercise core and upper body:
      • push-ups;
      • inverted rows;
      • hollow holds;
      • (negative) pull-ups;
    • tai chi.


  • be fluent;
  • have spares for personal investments;
  • max out my 3A (equivalent IRA) contributions;
  • build a safety fund.

Personal development

  • take a "hiking touring" formation;
  • handle my vineyard properly at all stages;
  • learn more about one of these topics:
    • stars;
    • plants and trees;
    • animals.

Professional goals

  • stay employed throughout the year (make it sustainable);
  • take the proper time for filing and logging;
  • give feedback to everybody filing a request;
  • register every request to deal with it appropriately, even if 8 months later because there is no time for it.



Metric: pictures.

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37 minutes ago, Jean said:

learn what's wrong with my way of ironing (because seriously, guys/gals).


I gave up on ironing a long time ago... The only thing I iron is my dress shirts. And that's something I wear like maybe a handful of times in a year...

I also work from home... And if I do go to the office it's perfectly fine to show up in a tshirt or a hoodie. If your job has a dress code that requires you to wear a suit or something like that I guess you'd have to iron a bit more :( 

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The purpose of this all is to be attractive. I want people to see me and think "damn, this man means business!" That doesn't necessarily mean suits (because people wearing suits when they might have to go on a construction site really don't mean business) but it does include a suitable shirt, practical but good looking throusers and decent shoes. The shirt requires ironing and I am seriously bad at it, be it because I don't use efficient tools (washing machine and iron) or because my skills are lacking. Probably a bit of both.

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9 hours ago, Jean said:

be it because I don't use efficient tools (washing machine and iron) or because my skills are lacking. Probably a bit of both.


I am still learning as well haha.


1. A rule of thumb for me is that I am probably not pressing enough and/or going too fast. 


Make sure your iron is nice and heavy (I think :p)


2. USE THE STEAM OPTION. Seriously. 


3. Make sure you know what material you are ironing and set up the iron properly.


4. Do not rely on having to turn the clothes over. Try to get clothes nice and pressed as much as possible on the first go. 


Aftet ironing one side of the item, carefully turn it around, make sure you are not making folds on the 'done' side by ironing the second side.


5. Oh ! Iron in " zig zag motions" while keeping the material tense with the other hand.


I do not mean making the iron move like an ice skate but making half turns from side to side while ironing. 


6. And really, do not skip the difficult to reach parts like in between pockets or the ends of a shirt or so. It really makes a difference.


You can be less careful with the part of a shirt that goes in your pants, if you tuck your shirt in.


7. Do not think"oh the back will get wrinkled anyway, especially when I am wearing a jacket over it". It wrinkles differently after being ironed nicely.


8. After ironing, hang the item if possible so it can cool down before you use it. If it cools down while hung over a chair you risk losing the crisp look.


This is what I keep in mind now, for better or for worse 😛


Sleeves are my current nemesis. I usually iron them first, I used to leave them for last and risk undoing my ironing work. :')


PS - I find it really satisfying to see people with nicely ironed clothes, suits or otherwise. I was one of the few people that had ironed her toga for the bachelor graduation ceremony because it was cheaper to get it from the desk on the day itself. Worth the euros spent though!

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