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Anyone eat Semolina? I've started to eat this and am slightly border line addicted. We add cut up small veggies to it, and some salt and pepper, and I"ve been eating one cup for lunch and it has been filling for a few hours. It's mainly carbs though but am I right to assume it's still healthy? Is this a good thing to eat to lose weight, if I replace it for sandwiches and cereal?

any recipes?

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Well, I like Coucous of which Semolina is a major ingredient. I also like "Corn Semolina", aka Grits. I've had it as "Cream of Wheat", and it wasn't bad.

As to health - Semolina has an extremely high Glycemic Index, so I personally couldn't recommend it if you were watching carbs or going paleo. Steel cut oats are much lower on GI and probably a better choice for low carb.

That being said, if you are counting calories and exercising; it's probably not going to hurt.

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