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Hit me with your favourite smoothie!

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Digestive flare-up, going liquid for a few weeks until things level out. I'd love to hear from you guys what your favourite smoothies look like! Bonus points for veggie additions that don't taste disgusting (I like wheatgrass & greens, which are my usual additions).


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I always have a smoothie on the days I hit the gym (and sometimes other days too ;)). I make pretty much the same smoothie every time because I like it so much.


Rolled oats

Whey protein powder (strawberry flavor)

Frozen banana

Ice cubes (or frozen strawberries if I'm feeling indulgent)



With the milk and all the frozen stuff you get a real thick smoothie. Almost too thick to drink through a straw. Think soft serve ice cream :D 

I have a photo of it in my battle log (see my signature). But the photo truly doesn't make it justice!

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