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Every day is a battle (lots of photos)

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Looking through some of the quests a lot of them require you (me) to log stuff, and (sometimes optionally) share it. So I figured I might as well start a battle log and post what I do here! :) I'll try to keep it short, simple and basic to make it easier to follow through with.


I joined NF and the NFA late yesterday, and today I started working on completing my first quests.


Didn't log my drinks today, so I'll start a proper food log tomorrow, taking notes of both my drinks and my food! But I did snap a couple of photos of my food with my phone today, so I'll start by sharing those


Day 1


Food log






Sugar free, fat free, vanilla flavored quark mixed with home made kefir (if you don't know what those things are - think vanilla greek yoghurt ;))

Fresh raspberries I picked myself this morning

Some chopped up almonds

A big cup of black tea






Cauliflower rice

Fried eggs


Sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds

A glass of water


Fitness log


40 minute walk (approximately 3.2 km/2 miles)

20 minutes jog (approximately 3.8 km/2.3 miles) 


Completed Quests


Fitness: Learn how to modify movements for you

Fitness: Read over the Workouts FAQ and Getting Started and Leveling up Modules

Fitness: Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Join the Nerd Fitness Academy

Mindset: Join the NF Academy Facebook Group



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Day 2


Food log


Drink 1 - 06:50




Drank 6 dl (2.5 cups) of sugar free, zero calories, peach juice during my gym session this morning.




On my way home from the gym I picked some fresh blackberries to enjoy for breakfast. Carried them in my water bottle :D


Breakfast - 09:25




Sugar free, fat free, vanilla flavored quark mixed with long milk/sour milk (if you don't know what those things are - think vanilla greek yoghurt ;))

Fresh blackberries I picked myself this morning

Some cashews

Drink 2: A big cup of black tea (4 dl / 1.7 cups)


Drink 3 - 11:44




5 dl / 2.1 cups of the peach juice


Lunch - 12:45




Meatballs in marinara sauce

Sweet potato pasta

Mixed sallad

Drink 4: A glass of water (1.8 dl / 3/4 cups)


After I finished that plate I had another meatball and some more spinach.


First time I tried this dish, and I loved it! Everything was super tasty. When I read about that sweet potato pasta I knew I just had to try it. It's made of sweet potatoes, lenses, corn and egg. That's it. No white flour in sight! :) Both taste and texture was great. Too bad it's prohibitively expensive.


Drink 5 - 14:50




Another 6.5 dl / 2.7 cups of peach juice


Workout smoothie - 17:10




Rolled oats

Whey protein powder (strawberry flavor)

Frozen banana

Ice cubs

Milk (1.5 % fat)


Love this smoothie. It's so creamy, tasty, refreshing and filling.


Drink 7 - 22:20




Black tea (4 dl / 1.7 cups)


It's great ending the day with a big cup of black tea in the couch in front of a good TV show together with the wife <3


Fitness log


Weight lifting in the gym first thing in the morning

Benchmark test together with my two boys

30 minute walk (approximately 1.4 km / 0.9 miles)

20 minutes jog (approximately 3.4 km / 2.1 miles) 



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I think I'll start logging my completed quests for the day as well


Completed quests day 2


Fitness: Take the Benchmark Test

Fitness: Co-op Mode (My kids count as "a friend", right?)

Fitness: Walk the Plank (Did the plank during the Benchmark Test)

Find a Local Trail to Run

10 Lunges Each Leg (Part of the Benchmark)

A Hiking We Will Go – Beginner

Fitness: Cardio

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Day 3


I'll try a more continuous log today. I'll just post breakfast for now, and then I'll edit the post throughout the day as I eat and do more.


Food log


Breakfast - 10:45




Grilled pork

Cauliflower rice


Mixed vegetables

Toasted sesame seeds

Drink 1: 3 glasses of water (6 dl / 2.5 cups in total)


Doing the "Nutrition: Breakfast" quest today, so eating leftover dinner for breakfast. I have no problems with the vegetables, but the spicy meat (marinated in sriracha chili sauce), and the pretty hot kimchi is not something I'd like to eat for breakfast every day :) 


Drink 2 - 13:30


No photo, but just the regular bottle of peach juice

5 dl / 2.1 cups


Lunch/Dinner - 16:00




Raspberry flavored quark (sugar free, fat free), home made kefir (think raspberry greek yogurt)

Raspberries, hazelnuts, coconut chips

Drink 3: 4 dl of black tea


Since I had dinner food for breakfast, I might as well have breakfast food for dinner, right? :)

And is this dinner? Or Lunch? Does it matter?


Drink 4 - 19:10


6.5 dl peach juice


Evening meal - 21:00





Oven roasted green beans

Oven roasted potatoes (two small wedges)


Artichoke dip

BBQ sauce (sugar free)

Drink 5: Glass of water


Fitness log


35 minute morning walk, 2.5 km / 1.5 miles





Wanted to get out on a morning walk of at least 1 mile to complete the "Fitness: Morning Mile" quest.  Brought my two boys along and picked some raspberries to have for breakfast. But then I realized I was doing the "Nutrition: Breakfast" quest today. So no berries for me for today's breakfast. But the boys got to enjoy the fresh raspberries on top of their muesli.


Doing the "Morning mile" I also, without planning for it, completed the "Fitness: Lets Get Moving" quest since I'm not going to do any scheduled workouts today.


Bike ride 3.3 km / 2 miles

Went swimming in a lake




Notice the rain drops on the pier :p Really wanted to finish that quest though! First (and probably last) time I went swimming in a lake this year.


Completed quests


Fitness: Morning Mile

Nutrition: Breakfast

Fitness: Lets Get Moving

Swim in a Natural Body of Water

Swim in a lake

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Day 4


Was invited to my parent's today. Mom cooks great food, but it does make it hard to know exactly what you eat, and how much. At home I like to weigh my food to know how much to put on my plate.

I did tell her in advance that I would be grateful if she did not serve any desserts or other sweets, so as to not tempt me with too much unhealthy foods. I've never done this before, but I'm really glad I did this time! Makes it much easier to stay on track!


Food log


Drink 1 - 10:50




30 ml / 1 oz ginger shot


Made a batch yesterday. I've been meaning to do it for ages, but have for some reason just always put it off. The ginger has been sitting on the counter getting drier by the day :( Felt really good to finally take care of it. It's always a great feeling to actually finish something!


The ingredients I used were ginger, lemon, chili, honey and water. It's supposed to be really healthy and keep any colds away... I don't know, but at least it feels healthy, and it tastes good :)


Breakfast - N/A


Skipped breakfast as I wanted to have some room in the calorie budget for the day for mom's food


Snack - 12:40




Cherry tomato

Drink 2: Glass of water


Was a little bit hungry, and very thirsty, when I got to my parent's place. So I had a glass of water and one of mom's homegrown cherry tomatoes while she cooked lunch.


Lunch - 13:00




Minced meat

Mixed vegetables

A few pieces of some kind of pasta

A tiny bit of melted cheese

Drink 3: A glass of water


It was delicious, and we enjoyed it out on their patio. Lovely!


Drink 4 - 13:20




3 dl (1 1/4 cups) black tea


Snack - 16:20




Black currants from mom's garden

I forgot to take a photo before I started eating, so probably had about twice as many as shown in the photo


Dinner - 19:50




Wild boar

Mixed sallad

Oven roasted broccoli

Chanterelle (mushroom) gravy

Drink 5: Glass of water


It was super tasty! I love the taste of game meat! But I felt like crap after eating all of that. It was too much food. And the gravy had cream in it. Didn't feel like the healthiest choice. And the oven roasted broccoli was drenched in cooking oil. Again - very tasty, but felt like too many calories for me today.


And with that I've completed the first food log related quest! \o/


Fitness log


20 min morning walk, 2 km (1.2 miles)

35 min evening walk, 2.9 km (1.8 miles)


Completed quests


Mindset: Snap Those Before Photos!

Mindset: Take Your Measurements

Nutrition: Create Your Food Log

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Day 5


Wanted to go to the gym first thing in the morning today, but I was just too tired. So I decided to sleep in a little bit and go to the gym some time later during the day instead. Also encountered an enemy during my quest to greatness today. I'll show a photo further down in the log!


Food log


Drink 1 - 09:30




30 ml / 1 oz ginger shot


Breakfast - 10:40






Long milk/sour milk with casein (unflavored) and whey protein (vanilla flavor)

Two drops of cherry flavor

Frozen red and black currants

Mixed nuts

Drink 2: Big cup of black tea


Drink 3 - 12:00




6 dl / 2.5 cups peach juice (sugar/calorie free as always)


Drink 4 - 13:15




2.4 dl / 1 cup plain water


Lunch - 15:30




3 boiled eggs


Mixed raw vegetables

Topped the eggs with herbal salt, and the salad with freshly cracked black pepper

Drink 5: 5 dl / 2 cups plain water


Drink 6 - 19:30




6 dl / 2.5 cups peach juice

Finally managed to get my ass to the gym. Much later than planned. But at least it got done!


Post-workout meal - 21:30




Smoothie with rolled oats, protein powder, banana, milk and ice.


Fitness log


10 min morning walk, 1.3 km (0.8 miles)




Picked some fresh raspberries during my morning walk, but not enough for my breakfast, so I just ate them there and then instead :)


(Workout at the gym, but I don't count that since it's not part of the NF quests)


Completed quests


Go For a 5 Minute Walk


Noteworthy struggles




My wife baked muffins today. She took some of them to the beach for her and the kids, but what you see above is what she left at home to tempt me with. To me this was a difficult enemy to beat on my quest to greatness. It's really difficult for me to stay on track with my food/nutrition with temptations like that!



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Day 6


Overslept today, but still made it to the gym! Missed a bit of work, have to make up for that tonight... And had a weird food day. Not really hungry. I think it's just too hot to eat. Not used to this heat. 30 C or more, almost 90 F. That's not the kind of temperatures we're used to here!


Food log


Drink 1 - 08:00




6 dl / 2.5 cups peach juice at the gym


Breakfast - 11:10




Piña Colada smoothie


Banana, pinaple, coconut flavored quark (~ greek yoghurt), ice, milk, desiccated coconut

So refreshing!


Drink 2 - 11:40




4 dl / 1.7 cups black tea

Drank it lukewarm. Tasted good, but didn't feel like a hot drink, so I let it cool down a bit before I drank it.


Drink 3 - 16:00




6 dl / 2.5 cups Wild Strawberry and Watermelon juice


Bought a new flavor of juice today. Nice with some change.


Drink 4 - 17:45


6 dl / 2.5 cups peach juice


Dinner - 18:00




Zucchini boats with soy mince and a salad. Topped the boats with parmesan mixed with low-fat cheese.

The soy mince was cooked with onion, marinara sauce, low fat cream cheese, garlic and italian spices.

Spinach and some pieces of cucumber as a salad.

Drink 5 - 2 dl / 0.85 cups plain water


Drink 6 - 20:30


6 dl /2.5 cups peach juice


3 liters / 3 quarts + a big smoothie today. Difficult to keep hydrated in this heat!


Fitness log


(Morning gym session)

1 h, 2.1 km / 1.3 miles evening walk with my wife, talking and picking raspberries. Yeah, it was slow, but we stopped often to pick berries :)


Completed quests


Walk a Mile in My Shoes




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5 hours ago, Tobbe said:

I'm on vacation with horrible wifi. Updates will have to wait :)


I hope you have a nice time on vacation! Been meaning to tell you how great the pictures you take are. I bought some zucchini and marinara sauce to replicate your zucchini boat recipe, but sadly forgot the parmesan cheese. Even so, it looks like it will be worth the effort of going back to the store again!

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Day 7


Last day before vacation! Can't wait!


Food log


Drink 1 - 06:10 30 ml ginger shot

Drink 2 - 08:00 6 dl peach juice


Breakfast - 10:30




Peanut butter zoats with plums

Had some left over zucchini from yesterday's dinner. So I made zucchini oatmeal porridge, aka zoats. Just grated the zucchini and boiled it with the rolled oats. Whisked in PB2 (a peanut butter flour) and topped it with a diced plum. 

Drink 3: Black tea


Snack - 14:15




5 dried anchovies

Stumbled upon dried anchovy at the local Thai store. Have never tasted (or even seen) that before, so I just had to try it! Unfortunately it was way too sweet. Anchovy should be salty, not sweet if you ask me!


Lunch - 15:00




Veggie wrap

A cabbage leaf filled with vegetables and some grilled pork.

A boiled egg with herbal salt and a few more veggies on the side

Drink 4: A glass of plain water


Drink 5 - 17:30




A can of zero calories soda

I was feeling very tired, and needed some caffeine to pick me up. So I drank a can of ginger flavored Pepsi Max. Love that flavor!


Drink 6 - 18:20 4 dl plain water 


Dinner - 20:20




Zucchini boat

Last leftover zucchini boat from dinner yesterday. Small salad on the side.


Fitness log


(Morning gym session)

20 min, 2.6 km / 1.6 miles evening/night walk. Got home a few minutes past midnight. Got to get those daily walks in!


Completed quests


None today


Noteworthy struggles


We're going on vacation tomorrow and will be leaving really early in the morning. We're taking a three hours long train ride, and to avoid having to buy any of the crap food they sell on the train (vending machine stuff basically) we wanted to bring our own food. I've been debating in my head for days if I should bring something healthy to eat, or if I should allow myself something out of the ordinary just because it's vacation. I finally decided on the latter option and made a salami wrap.





Salami wrap with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and cheese


As you can see, not the worst food to eat. But still way more calories with the mayo, crème fraîche and the cheese than I usually eat. The bread isn't the healthiest option either...


To balance it out I just brought a sugar free protein bar to eat for lunch on the airplane (that I didn't even end up eating, but more on that in the next battle log entry).

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Day 8


Vacation! Food is not going to be as organized, or healthy, for the next few days... This is my real struggle. 


Food log


Drink 1 - 03:15


30 ml ginger shot


Breakfast - 08:00




Salami wrap

Drink 2: 1 can of ginger Pepsi Max, 0.5 liter pear flavored water


After getting up at 3 am I was pretty hungry by 8 am.


Drink 3 - 10:45




1 cup of black tea


They handed out "muffins" with some kind of berry filling on the airplane, but I stayed strong and didn't eat them. Didn't throw them away though. Just put them in my bag together with the Coke Zero.


Lunch - N/A


Never had any lunch. I did have that protein bar in my bag that I could eat if I wanted. But I never got that hungry. Can't say I was still full from the salami wrap. But I was also not very hungry.


Drink 4 - 13:30




Had a glass of water when we arrived at the hotel.


This was the easy part of the food log. After this point it was more of continuous snacking/drinking the rest of the day... We went on a guided food tour, so we got to sample a whole bunch of different foods and wines. I'll make a new post about that.

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Day 8, part 2


I'll just dump a bunch of photos of some of the food we got to sample, and some of the drinks we had.













And that concluded the food tour.


You'd think that after that I would be done with overeating. But no... I have to stuff my face even more :(




Opened up one of the muffins we were given on the plane. Only had one small bite though before throwing the rest away. Really didn't taste very good.



When we got back to the hotel at 9 pm I had a cup of tea and three (!) more macarons...


Fitness log


03:30 am - Early morning walk. 1.2 km / 0.75 miles. 10 minutes


Completed quests


Fitness: Walk to Mordor (At least seven days of a deliberate 5 min walk)

Nutrition: Create Your Food Log #2 (At least seven days of food logging)

Nutrition: I Hate Vegetables #1 (Vegetables once a day for seven days)


Noteworthy struggles


As you can tell, I ate way too much. And I ate all the wrong things. This is my real struggle. I have no idea how to handle situations like this.

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Day 9


This day was alright, foodwise, until the evening meal... Why do I always have to go overboard like that! :(


Food log


Breakfast - 07:30




We had pre-booked breakfast at the hotel. This was what we were given. I was pretty disappointed because it's hard to eat healthy when that's what you have to work with.

I ended up eating 3 tbsp yogurt, 2 tsp granola and 1 tsp unsweetened applesauce. Had a cup of black tea and a small sip of the orange juice.


Lunch - 12:45




Falafel pita with tahini sauce, eggplant, cabbage, tomato

Water to drink


Drink 3 - 15:30




Matcha latte


Dinner - 19:40








Had dinner at an Italian restaurant that I had found during my morning walk. Everything was absolutely delicious! I just wish I could help myself and not overeat like I always do when I'm at a restaurant. I need to learn to stop eating before the plate is empty.


Fitness log


20 minutes morning walk. Don't know how far I walked, but it was 2200 steps according to my phone :)


Completed quests


None today


Noteworthy struggles


I really struggle with portion control. You can't really tell, but that last plate with dessert was actually a bowl of sweetened mascarpone cream with softened savoiardi biscuits and fresh berries. The bowl was very deep. I'd guess 3 - 4 inches deep. And I finished it all.

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Day 10


The main reason we went on this vacation was to attend a friend's wedding. And today's the day! I knew beforehand that I'd have troubles with the food. So I made sure to start the day off really good with a long run and a small protein rich breakfast.


Food log


Breakfast - 09:20




Protein bar and a cup of black tea


Lunch - 14:30




Kebab wrap with a small amount of salad, cheddar, some "white sauce" (whatever that is) and harissa.

Drink 3: Coke Zero


I wanted to get a galette, but the crêperie was closed :(

For the first time in my life I didn't finish a kebab wrap. I could have eaten even less, but it was really good, and I didn't know how long it was going to be until the next meal (which would be at the wedding).


Hors-d'œuvre - 18:00





Foie gras, chicken curry crêpes, melon and ham skewers, tapenade cheese crisps, etc etc


Dinner - 21:00








For dinner they had a big buffé of warm and cold food.


I have a very hard time with buffés. I want to sample everything, and then go back for seconds (and thirds) of the most tasty things.

I had one plate with warm food, two plates of cold food, and finished off whatever my wife didn't eat.


23:00 - Cheese platter




I had two plates of cheese (plus some that never even landed on my plate between the cheese buffé table and my mouth...)

People gave me comments like "you really like your cheese, don't you?". Yes, I do. But that's still no reason to eat two full plates of the stuff. Plus bread and butter.


00:30 - Candy






They had a tower of candy for the kids. The kids and me apparently :(


Wedding cake - 01:20





I had a slice of strawberry cake, and a slice of pistachio/raspberry macaron cake.

Apparently there's a limit even for me how much I can eat, because after that case I didn't go back for seconds. (I probably would have it it was tastier.)


Drinks - 18:00 - 02:00




Throughout the wedding there was free supply of red, white, rosé and sparkling wine. And yes, I did take advantage of that fact...


Fitness log


07:00 Morning run (with a guide), 16 km / 10 miles


Completed quests




Noteworthy struggles


So I basically ate non stop from 6 pm to 2 am. And drank a lot of alcohol too. I need to learn how to limit myself, and not feel too deprived when I do. But right now I have no idea how I'll ever get to that point.

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Day 11


Considering yesterday I feel better than I should.


Food log


Breakfast - 11:30




Baguette with butter and jam

Croissant with jam

Black tea to drink


We were invited to the newlywed's house for breakfast. I didn't really feel like having breakfast after yesterday's overindulgence, but when they insisted I didn't want to say no. But still, I could have eaten less of the unhealthy stuff they served. It wasn't even all that tasty :(


Lunch/Dinner - 16:00




Avocado smoothie

Club sandwich


Looks pretty healthy, doesn't it?

They put the calories in each food item right on the menu. That's about 1000 kcal right there. Way more than I needed :(


Evening snack - 21:45




Crisp bread with cheese

A cup of black tea


It's worse than it looks. That crispbread is basically a big biscuit considering how sweet it is...


Fitness log


22:30 Evening walk, 20 minutes


Completed quests




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Day 12


Monday, and back home again. Time to get back to healthier habits again.


Food log


Drink 1 - 09:15 Ginger shot


Breakfast - 09:30




Lemon quark with kefir

Frozen strawberries

Mixed nuts

Drink 2: Big cup of black tea


Finally a proper, healthy, breakfast! I've been looking forward to this :)


Lunch - 15:00




Peas, green beans and broccoli

A piece of a sausage

Dijon mustard

Drink 3: A glass of water


Snack - 18:00




Two handfull fresh black currants


Saved the rest for later


Dinner - 20:15




Gyros wrap


Gyros flavored tempeh, grilled chicken

Low fat feta cheese

Mixed vegetables

Lowcarb/high protein wrap/bread

Greek yogurt sauce (fat free, high protein)

Drink 4: Glass of water


Drink 5 - 22:00 Zero calories juice


Fitness log


23:00 Evening walk, 60 minutes, 5 km / 3.1 miles


Completed quests



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Day 13


Tuesday. Feels good to be back home where it's easier to make better food choices.


Food log


Drink 1 - 10:30 Ginger shot


Breakfast - 11:50




Lemon quark + kefir

Fresh black currants

Mixed nuts

Drink 2: Big cup of black tea


Snack - 14:00




3 cherry tomatoes

5 pieces of dried anchovy


Drink 3 - 15:10 6 dl / 2.5 cups zero calories juice


Drink 4 - 16:20 3 dl / 1 1/4 cups plain water


Dinner - 18:45




Gyros wrap

Drink 5: Glass of water


Same as yesterday, but today I opted for a cabbage wrap instead of the bread wrap. Wanted to save some calories for later that night.


Drink 6 - 21:15 4 dl plain water


Night snack - 23:15




2 tbsp yogurt

2.5 tbsp long milk/sour milk


Last time I went shopping I picked up a new kind of yogurt (with extra added beneficial bacteria) and a new kind of long milk/sour milk. Couldn't wait to try them out! They were both good, but I prefer the long milk/sour milk.


Fitness log


Morning walk, 1 mile


Completed quests



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Day 14


This was supposed to be the start of my motorcycle vacation this year. That didn't happen.


Food log


Breakfast prep - 06:20





Greek yogurt + long milk/sour milk

Almonds + pumpkin seeds (pepitas)

Frozen strawberries


Put everything in a container I could take with me on my motorcycle trip, and eat later, when I needed to stop for gas.


Drink 1 - 06:30 A glass of sparkling lemon water


Breakfast - 08:50






Eating at home :(

Drink 2: A big cup of black tea


Drink 3: 13:20 A glass of water


Lunch - 14:50





A big salad bowl with boiled eggs

Iceberg lettuce

Red cabbage

Cherry tomatoes


3 semi-soft boiled eggs


Made a very tasty dressing for the salad. First time I tried it, but will definitely make again!

2 tsp apple cider vinager

2 tsp lime juice

herbal salt

black pepper


Drink 4: Glass of water


Drink 5 - 15:10 Big cup of black tea


Drink 6 - 17:40 6 dl / 2.5 cups Apple/pear zero calories juice


Dinner - 19:40






Cheese burger with fried union and jalapeño

Side salad



You can hardly see the burger, but it's hidden underneath the melted low fat cheese, the fried unions and jalapeño :) And the brown stuff in the middle is a small squeeze of sugar free bbq sauce.


Fitness log


Morning walk, 1 mile

Evening jog with my son who is practicing riding his bike, 1 mile


Completed quests




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I'm a member of Nerd Fitness Academy, and one of the things I need to do is figure out my "Big Why". I have had a really hard time putting it down in writing. So I've been putting it off. But now I finally got around to at least get *something* written. Please help me with any suggestions for improvements.


This is what I have as a start


My Big Why


I want to have a better relationship with food

I want to stop binge eating
So that I don't have to compensate all the extra calories every day before and after the binges (by severely restricting my calories (and/or fasting), and doing a lot of cardio)
So that I can give my body the fuel it needs every day
So that I can grow stronger and bigger
So that I have energy to do more every day
So that I hopefully can get my libido back
So that I can stop feeling like such a worthless person with no self control


I want to stop focusing so much on food
So that I get time over for doing more productive things
So that I free my mind to concentrate on the things I need to do at work
So that I free my mind to pursue other interests, like programming in my spare time


I want to be able to eat whatever is served when I'm not cooking my own food without feeling horrible
So that I don't spend so much time hating myself for the "bad" choices I do. Instead I should know that I'm good enough often enough to be on the right path in the long run. This includes having a (small) piece of cake at birthday parties.



I want to get and stay fit

I want to get stronger
So that I have a body that can handle all the things I want to do, like carrying my kids, help a friend move, help my wife lift the heavy bags of plant soil, animal fodder etc. But also so that I can do all the adventures I want to do, like climb mountains, lift myself up in trees, and generally just be able to handle my own bodyweight.


I want to build healthy and sustainable routines for exercise
So that I can stay in good health as I get older
So that I get to spend quality time with my grandchildren, like my mom does with my kids
So that I can travel and do all the things I want to do after I stop working
So that I don't die of obesity like my granddad did, or dementia like my grandmother
So that I spend enough time on exercise to stay healthy, but still have time left for other things I want to do

So that I build some muscle now while I'm still (relatively) young. It will only get more difficult as I get older, but also more and more important

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Congrats on you big whys :)



Training logs | Monthly updates


Player stats (as of 18.06.2018):

Age: 26 (metabolic age 17)

Weight: 68.4kg (150.8 lbs)

BMI: 22.9

Muscle mass: 56.2kg  (123.9lbs, around 82% of body mass)

Body fat: 14.8%


    - Chest: 84cm (33 inches)

    - Belly: 82.5cm (32.5 inches)

    - Buttocks: 91cm (35.8 inches)

    - Thigh: 52cm (20.5 inches)

    - Bicep: 30cm (11.8 inches)


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Day 15


Thursday. This is the day I leave for my motorcycle adventure with my brother!


Food log


Drink 1 - 10:00 Ginger shot


Breakfast - 10:50




High protein, sugar free, low carb, home baked apple cake


High protein, sugar free, vanilla sauce (bought)

Drink 2: Big cup of tea


Had some vanilla sauce in the fridge I needed to use up before leaving for our trip. And a small piece of apple cake in the freezer. So that was my breakfast :) Very tasty!


Drink 3 - 14:30 6 dl sugar free juice


Dinner - 20:00




Grilled chicken

Raw broccoli

Drink 4: Flavored sparkling water


Had no time for lunch today. Too much to prepare for the trip!

This is how easy it is to eat healthy while on the road! Pre grilled chicken, broccoli and a bottle of water straight from the grocery store. Found a bench outside, sat down and enjoyed being on our way! :D Lovely!


Fitness log


Morning walk, 1 mile


Completed quests




Trip photos




Me and my brother leaving our parent's place




Found the perfect spot to spend the night!

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Day 16


Friday, 27/7. Full day of motorcycle adventure vacation :D I'll switch up how I write my logs from now until I'm back home again. Will only log drinks if I drink something with calories (i.e. not logging water, zero cal energy drinks etc). I will also mix food photos and general photos from our trip. No quests will be marked completed during the trip, so I will not include that in the log. There will also be no fitness log. We kept plenty active while not driving!


Wake up time - 06:45




Woke up to this view. Not bad! We packed up our stuff and got going.


Breakfast - 10:00




Stopped at a grocery store to get breakfast. Enjoyed it outside of the store in the morning sun.


Vanilla quark (kind of like 0% Greek yogurt, sugar free)

Fresh blueberries

Mixed nuts


Lunch - 14:40




Found a nice lake to stop by for lunch.




1.5 servings of "Cup of soup" chicken flavor

1 can of chicken breast fillets


The water in the lake was so clean we used it for boiling the soup in!


Snack - 15:40




We drove past this small place, and saw a sign posted by the driveway. "Goat cheese, white and brown".




White goat cheese, 16 months matured


The old lady who lived in this place made cheese from the goats she kept on the property and kindly let us taste three different kinds. White cheese that was 3 months old, white cheese that was 16 months old, and brown cheese. They were all delicious!


Final destination for the day - 19:45




We arrived at our final destination. And we were not disappointed with the view!


Dinner - 21:00




Veggie soup with reindeer meat.


Food never tastes as good as it does when cooked and eaten outdoors!


After dinner we pitched our tent and went to bed.



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