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So I just started doing push ups

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How far can it take me? 


Once I hit 3x10 I will do diamon push ups then planche pushups.

I can do 11-8-4 for now

Il buy pull up bar too and start with negatives.


Im not sure how to do legs . 


Can I build a good upperbody just with bodyweight?



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You can build a good upper body with just body-weight.


You can do, feel elevated push-ups, push-ups with one hand on a medicine ball.


And of course hand-stand push-ups and one-arm push-ups.


I don't know if you would still consider this body-weight, but, you can also do you push-ups with an exercise band as well.


For legs same thing, body-weight squats, sissy squats, one legged squats.


Plus, do not forget about things like chins, pull-ups and dips--those will really help build a good upper body.


Honestly, I was always like body-weight, that stuff is not hard enough,


But, what really opened my eyes were these two books


Convict Conditioning1 and 2

I picked up mind from dragondoor.com


Man these books really opened my eyes to how hard body-weight workouts can be.


If you want to really get fantastic workout, with body-weight only,


Pick up both books.


Trust me, you will be glad you did.


Hope this helps.

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