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New Passion for Running

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Hey everyone!


So a little over a year ago I joined the Soulcon Challenge. One of the aspects of this challenge is running or walking at least two 5k distances every week. I would do the runs, but I rarely enjoyed them. Well, something happened this time, and lately I have really fallen in love with running. Just a few days ago, my daughter dropped me off at work so she could use my car. Then this text exchange happened between my wife and me:


Wife: What time should I pick you up from work?

Me: Actually, I think I'll run home.

Wife: You realize it's like 6 miles, right?

Me: Yep.


I completed my longest run every, 6.38 miles in 75 minutes, with an average pace of 11'45". I have run at least a mile every day since then.

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Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment, and it's great that you've got some newfound passion for running. It just goes to show that sticking with something, even if its hard or not enjoyable, may yield surprising results!

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I don't run much anymore but, I always found running "for something" really made a huge difference. For example, running to the bank a mile away during a 15 minute break at work to get a paycheck cashed, and get back in time before getting in trouble with the boss. Training runs because I had a race I promised people id run in the future. Running with no purpose but to just run was never any fun for me. Maybe that is the trick for you, always give yourself a purpose to the run, that night your mind said you had to run to get home, that is a pretty powerful purpose..thus making it more fun. hmm..

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