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The Lonestar - A Challenge 35 Years in the Making

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thank God we dont come with thought bubbles!! the shit that just went through my head....lol

Thats fantastic that you play theNavajo flute...my oldest kid plays traditional concert flute and is self taught on the alto sax.

I find the navajo flute quite calming actually. I'd love to hear you play something

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I can't type on this Ipad keyboard

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okso you can take pics in your undies and post those but not a video of you playing the flute....hmmmm interesting. Im entirely the opposite

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First...completely horrible pictures:


I know...yeeick.

For my *ahem* FULL bio...check out my profile. Here's the quickie back cover edition:

My name's Chris. I'm a full-time User Interface Engineer, a published novelist (my first novel, Dragonfaerie, is available from Amazon and B&N.com in both hardback and eBook formats), a professional photographer, a beginning jeweler and, as you can see by the photos above, a full-time marshmallow. I've been slowly building up to a full-time routine, but because the code release schedule that I have to adhere to has been assembled by demented lemmings, it has been uphill work. Today I say: no more. I have enlisted the help of a co-worker to say, "Chris? Chris who?" whenever upper management searches for my while I do my workout. I have eaten, burnt, or otherwise disposed of all the "suicide treats" (AKA Girl Scout Cookies, etc) that have been collecting in my cupboard. I have healed after a very inconvenient broken big toe on my left foot which prevented me from running (I run in Vibrams). I am ready to push forward with extreme prejudice.

Character Stats:

Human Ranger/Assassin (focusing on Assassin skills this go-round).







Goals for the challenge:

1. Finish my 11/11/11 workout (description to follow) in less than 22 minutes. Right now I finish at around 45 minutes. [sTR 2, STA 3]

2. Keep my net caloric intake to 1300 or less daily (not impossible if I actually get my butt up off the chair). [CON 3]

3. Run a mile in 8 minutes (hey...I'm old and out of shape. Eight minutes is a challenge). [sTA 2, DEX 2]

4. Finish AND edit my second novel (the sequel to Dragonfaerie) before the end of the challenge. I'm at 22,000 words of what will probably be 130,000. Not impossible, but I've certainly got to get a move on. [WIS 3]

My plan for all of this is to:

A) Do the 11/11/11 workout Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays weekly. The workout is a blend of 11 body-weight exercises. It is called the 11/11/11 workout because you perform 11 reps of each of the 11 exercises and shoot for finishing in 11 minutes. I am currently finishing in 45 minutes, but have not honestly been hard at it. This changes TODAY. The exercises are:

  • Squat Leaps
  • Pushup Burpees
  • Bench Single Leg Squats
  • Pushup Burpees
  • Split Squat Leaps
  • Pushup Burpees
  • Plyometric Pushups
  • Pushup Burpees
  • Handstand Pushups
  • Pushup Burpees
  • Plank Walkouts

B) Performing a High-Intensity Interval Training routine every Tuesday and Thursday for twenty minutes.

C) Performing a timed mile run every Sunday on a flat track (or equivalent).

D) Keeping a food diary and logging my calories with LiveStrong.com and sparkpeople.com food trackers.

E) Setting aside at least an hour a night to write (and actually writing!).

"It's never too late to become what you might have been". -George Elliot

Was re-reading some of this looking for the elusive bucket list


I'm still insanely impressed. LOL! If I can EVER run an 8 min mile...I will probably do some kind of silly dance in the middle of the street, bare minimum. 

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