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Hey! I'm Jean but you can call me PurplePotato!

I was recommended this website by a friend of mine and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.


So, I wanted to get into muscle acquisition since I've got various health issues that often hinder my energy and overall strength. I'm looking to exercise my arms, legs, and core, since I have to work a lot of retail jobs and heavy lifting looks good on a job application, lol. 


I'm a creator, and a lot of my work is sedentary (I'm both a writer and digital artist), so anything I can do indoors is wonderful, though I'm not opposed to outdoor workouts as well! 

Just anything where I don't have to use or pay for a lot of expensive equipment since I'm a student and have to pack light!

I also have disordered eating and food insecurity, so please, no diets or weight discussion! (Weight and diets are also triggers for me, so please tag before you discuss it!)


Just anything that'll help me feel less woozy all the time would be great! If you need more details, my PM is open! Thanks for whatever help you can bring!


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here's a few ideas:


1) Gaining Muscle. Eat plenty of protein, and do the bodyweight exercises progressions. You can find them on the nerdfitness website. More reps, more difficulty with time, and you got that settled. Train for strength and mobility FIRST, then endurance later on, and power if you want to be athletic. That should be your order of priorities.


2) If you have disordered eating and food insecurity, I think you should face your demons and slay them rather than hide from them. If you need to lose weight for health reasons especially. That's my 2 cents worth. Maybe someone else will have a magic formula that I don't know about, let's see. 


3) Also, get started IMMEDIATELY. Go for a 5min walk. Do 5 pushups or squats. No sodas for 6 hours. You get the idea. Success breeds success. The best time to take care of yourself was right from the start. The second best time is NOW. 


good luck. 

my journey to kickass-dom

E1RM: SQ: 130.9kg (Jul18); BP: 103.2kg (Aug18); DL: 150kg (Jun18); 
FSQ: 103.2kg (May18); OHP: 66.9kg (Dec17); PP: 72.5kg (Jul18)
2.4km/Cooper's Test: (10:22, Jun18)
Vitals: 40 yo, 1.7m, 74kg (Jul18)

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