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Hello, all! I just stumbled across this illustrious assemblage and decided to come in. Almost any pursuit is improved by nerdy company, imo. 


After a pretty serious knee injury at work early last year (I’m a stagehand, professionally), the rehab process has been slow and annoying. My mobility severely reduced and living at the top of lots of stairs until recently, I gained back part of the weight I’d taken off in previous years owing to inactivity and less than stellar food choices. Seamless was both my salvation and the bane of the width of my backside. 


Currently, I live much closer to the ground, and some physical therapy and a shot of hyaluronen has restored a lot of my ability to move. Thankfully, I just managed to dodge needing surgery. So, while I still have some more rehab to do, the process will only be aided by getting some exercise. 


Right now, my focus is on hitting my keto macros daily, reducing the load on my knees, keeping up my PT, and regaining the muscle mass I’ve lost. 


All of these things will be more fun with friends. Looking forward to getting to know the denizens of Nerd Fitness!






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