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My Variation of Cross Training

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Being in martial arts, my definition of "cross training" might differ from someone NOT into them.


I started a group called the Troy Martial Arts Cross Training Meet-Up, so named because I live in Troy, and I am the founder. In any event, the meeting is for people who want to train more in their respective styles, but can make it to class only so often. Hopefully they can make it to our meeting too! If not...well, at least the POTENTIAL is there. We have seen people from all styles come: I am into Wing Chun and the footwork and evasive tactics of Western Boxing, but we have been joined by people who do Hung Gar, Yiliquan Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan Karate, Tung Soo Do, American Kenpo, Aikido, and much more. It is a fun mix. The group has two goals in mind, really: (1) Some people are looking to learn techniques from a style other than the one they began with, which is of course the MMA approach. (2) Some are looking to pressure test what they have learned in more believable settings.


Aside from this, cross training also means to do things that are not a normal part of your martial arts training. Other might call this "supplemental fitness." So you have that hour or so per day where you train your martial arts skills, but then you do other things. These other activities can work on strength training, cardio, balance, and flexibility. If I were to rate these in order of importance (when it comes to street defense anyway), I would say (1) Cardio, (2) Balance, (3) Strength, and (4) Flexibility. If you compete, I would arrange these a little bit differently.


Hmm...maybe I will write a different thread about my ranking order. :-)



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