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Fab Five Gonna Ranger: The Elevate Yourself Ranger Mini-Challenge

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That's right Rangers! The Fab Five are hanging out with us this challenge. They have already made over the Guilde Halle and elevated our Bartender. Now it's time for you to let them work their Magic on you. Because each of us may have different needs this challenge, we are going back to the feat system. Each of the Fab Five will represent a different feat. To elevate yourself, post below and let us know what your feats will be. Each week I'll choose a feat, and you will do that feat for the week. (Don't worry if you get behind, do what you can and adapt as you need, this kind of mini is about self improvement, not strict adherence to arbitrary rules). Choose something that will stretch you but you know you can accomplish.



Antoni: This will be a cooking feat. Find one way to elevate your cooking and put it into practice this week. (This doesn't have to be a permanent change, it can be something new you try).



Tan: This will be a wardrobe feat. Find a way to elevate your clothes. Get creative, this can be something as simple as arranging your closet or as complex as getting a new outfit. French Tuck the heck out of this feat!



Karamo: This will be your culture feat. Do something cultural.



Bobby: Batcave feat. Elevate your batcave. This could be cleaning a room, this could be making some changes that will help your environment support your healthy habits, or you could redecorate.



Jonathan: Yaaaas Feat! Elevate your grooming. This can be getting a new haircut, trying new product, or starting a new skincare routine.


Make yourselves Fabulous Rangers!

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4 hours ago, deftona said:

My Queer Eye challenge was my favourite challenge of the last year so obviously I am in for this! 


Also I get to posts gifs of Anthoni looking confused again <3


Inspired by your challenge, I watched all the episodes several weeks back. I was thinking it would be fun to do, but didn't want to copy the whole thing. Then lo and behold...the perfect mini!

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13 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Don't forget to post what your feats are going to be.

details schmetails


Antoni: Try a new recipe

Tan: Tackle the floordrobe

Karamo: Get some reading done

Bobby: Tackle any one of the many projects at home (or clean depending on the state of the house when this feat comes up)

Jonathan: I have this bottle of skin toner that I've never used and I'm not sure it makes any difference.  I'll try it for the week as part of a nightly skin care routine

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Ok ok. 

Anthoni - Make a new recipe. 

Tan - Buy new underwear

Karamo - Research how to get my sex therapy certification.

Bobby - Deep clean at least one room

Jonathan - I've been meaning to get Balayage highlights. I'll look into it and maybe book a consultation. 


Image result for balayage gif

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Ok so I’m pretty excited to jump on this but I have some obvious choices for some challenges that are...kinda locked in time since they can only reasonably be accomplished while I’m on vacation. Is it okay to trade weeks if the official schedule doesn’t work for those ones?

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57 minutes ago, Radost said:

Ok so I’m pretty excited to jump on this but I have some obvious choices for some challenges that are...kinda locked in time since they can only reasonably be accomplished while I’m on vacation. Is it okay to trade weeks if the official schedule doesn’t work for those ones?

Yes, we're pretty laid back about that stuff, especially during feats based minis.

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Sweet!  In that case...


Antoni: This will be a cooking feat.

Cook a traditional Japanese meal featuring five colours (black, white, green, red, and yellow) and using at least one new recipe. 


Tan: This will be a wardrobe feat.

Sew a garment! I have a dress cut out and ready to go, and fabric for another. Or I might do a top with the leftovers from the dress I just finished. If this feat comes up during a work week, I’ll be satisfied with just completing one major step, e.g. cutting fabric, sewing several seams. 


Karamo: This will be your culture feat.

Watch some Queer Eye...I was aware of the franchise back when it started but haven’t watched any of the new seasons (if y’all have a recommendation for the best season/best eps, I’m open. I don’t watch a lot of tv so I probably won’t watch the whole reboot). 


Bobby: Batcave feat. 

Gonna use some of my vacation time to regrout my shower, eep!  


Jonathan: Yaaaas Feat! Elevate your grooming.

Planning a mani-pedi while on vacation! Alternately, I may use Jonathan week as an excuse to pick up a new hair dye colour and freshen up my pink. I just wanna look like Vanille, is that so terrible?



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Here we go: (these may or may not be done in order, but they will be done)


Antoni: brave the cast iron (we don't have a relationship...its an asshole that always burns my food and smokes up my house)


Tan: buy 2 new, cheap pairs of flats for school (I literally wear out a pair or 2 a year.  I blame Cartlos)


Kamaro: TBD by whatever free events are going on that week.


Bobby: wash windows and dust glassware on kitchen shelves (was supposed to do this last challenge...oops)


Jonathan: Stop biting my fingernails (it's gross and it makes my hands look busted) 


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I've got a couple either-ors (or "why not both") depending on what else I have going on and if I end up doing some of the stuff before the week rolls around

Antoni: Green smoothie week (buy the stuff and switch up from what I've been making). Spinach, celery, green apples, avocado. Pineapple.

Tan: (1) Go through my clothes and figure out all the things I don’t wear but would if…I had something to go with it, or it were altered in some way. (2) Update my Pinterest board.

Karamo: Go to a movie, play, concert, or museum (honestly leaning toward a movie on this one...want to do something that feels current)

Bobby: (1) Fix my cable wiring (hide it under some plastic covers), (2) Get some darker curtains/shades

Jonathon: (1) Get my hair cut and highlighted, (2) Home mani/pedi.

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So, new to the Rangers here. *waves hi* Going all in on this mini challenge. At least one of the feats aligns with one of my original challenge goals.

Okay, here's my list:


Antoni: Find and make veggie substitutes for noodles and/or pasta. Yes, I know it's been done by many people before, but not by me.


Tan: Sew a new piece of clothing from an old piece/pieces of clothing -- upcycle from my closet or thrift shop. Might be a total flop, but it'll be so totally fun.


Kamaro: Find a new read -- at the library or on my Kindle. I've been away from reading (one of my old loves) for far too long.


Bobby: Go through my dresser (which is bursting at the seams) and donate/throw away clothes that no longer fit, are stained, etc. Was going to be one of my original "level up my life" goals this month.




Start using the facial moisturizer I bought instead of using the bottle to decorate my bathroom cabinet.

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6 hours ago, AnnieP (respawned) said:

Tan: Sew a new piece of clothing from an old piece/pieces of clothing -- upcycle from my closet or thrift shop. Might be a total flop, but it'll be so totally fun.


Love this one! And welcome to the Rangers :-)

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Antoni: I have several events coming up that will require a picnic to be taken. instead of falling back on the same ones used most times, find and test out new a new main dish.  



Tan:  Clear out the clothes of things that dont fit. Okay to box up things that might fit in the next 6 months-year, but no storing it in the closet. 



Karamo: Find an event to go to, or spend some extra time reading "If the Oceans were Ink" 



Bobby: Finish arranging and organizing the crafting/sewing space. 



Jonathan: Revisit morning/evening routine. Come up with something that is 10 mins or less that can be done consistently 

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Right, the goals:


Antoni: cooking .

One meal, on your own, whatever it is.


Tan: wardrobe.

I already have a goal (several actually) for this in my challenge so I'll just use that one?


Karamo: culture.

Read the freaking book Echo.


Bobby: Batcave feat. 

Clean your house - hit the chore tracker every day that week.


Jonathan: grooming.

Invest in things you need - time and money. You know what.

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So happy I clicked on the mini this cycle. I got this!

Antoni (cooking): Make something fab this week that doesn’t involve rotisserie chicken or roasted veggies. Bonus if it hits the blog; double bonus if it’s another multiples week.

Tan (wardrobe): Finally go through the damn thing, cull, try shit on, and write down gaps

Karamo (culture): Do something - MIA since it’s air conditioned if I damn have to

Bobby (batcave): Come up with a plan for dehumidification before this ish starts to grow mold

Jonathan (grooming): Get a haircut. Barring that, a massage.

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