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Which one do you use?

Which have you tried, what's good, what's bad?

I really like the flavor of Spirutein Whey. Spirutein normal is kinda chalky, but good with milk. It's a vegetarian(vegan maybe?) meal-replacement/protein source.

Their Whey version isn't vegetarian (duh), but is much creamier for it. THe only problem with it is that it has a good bit of carbs; I'm trying to make my only carb source be from real fruits/veggies.

I got a different brand, but haven't tried it yet, and don't honestly remember the name. I'll post it when I get home.

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I generally use Optimum Nutrition's whey powder. However, I recently bought a huge tub of vanilla and can't stand the flavor (why did I deviate from chocolate?).

I'm thinking of trying At Large Nutrition's "Nitrean" protein powder. It has a mix of whey and casein protein in it, so you get some of the fast acting protein (whey), as well as something that will be absorbed a little later (casein).

The stuff is expensive though (all powders in general), so I'm wondering, is it really necessary? That being said, I find it hard to consistently get over 125/30 grams of protein a day, looking at my DailyBurn account.

What do you guys think. On a per serving basis, it isn't that bad (about 60 cents per serving), but is it really necessary?


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I use the optimum nutrition whey vanilla as well. Don't really notice the taste though, as I throw it in a blender with OJ, fruit, oatmeal, and spinach. I hear the chocolate stuff is great.

In my opinion, protein powders aren't essential, but they can definitely help you get enough protein in your system. I've heard and read a few places that your body can only process and use so much of it anyways, so the people telling you that you need 300 grams a day to build muscle are full of sh*t. They say 1 gram per pound per lean muscle mass...so if you want to to be 200 pounds with 10% bodyfat, 180 grams a day is enough. Other places say that even less protein is acceptable.

If you can get your protein elsewhere, go for it. If you need a quick boost for breakfast or right after a workout, protein powders are okay in my book.


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Daily Apple calls of 0.5-1 g per lb of lean mass, depending on activity.

Generally, I only use it for my evening snack if I'm short of daily intake.

I reconfigured my DailyBurn goals today on the basis of:

228 lbs @ 20% fat = 182.4 lbs lean * .5 protein = 91.2

:: 90 - 185 g protein a day

The past few days, I've also been using it as an afternoon snack. I think my stomach's been shrinking; I get full faster, but hungry faster too.

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