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Weight Plates and Wheely Shoes [Rolling Stoney]

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Knew today was going to be a food non-compliance day because I donated blood for the first time ever :) The blood bank gives us as many free snax as we want in exchange for our blood. Also I was hungry all damn day, maybe in preparation? Or maybe because I only got 6 hours sleep and had to get up early. Anyway, Worth it. 




I also didn't skate at training for the same reason. 

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Am still here! just been busy. Thursday - Monday was my work week last week and it threw me right out of whack.


Week 3 wrap up:

Weightlifting: 1/2

Boooo, I missed a day. The weekend work shifts hurt my soul because I had to get up so early I couldn't fathom getting to the gym after work. Also I spent most of my non-work time with my mum at the hospital hanging out with her (she's fine, don't panic, breast cancer + reconstruction = it's a whole thing) And I actually had planned to go monday after work when I slept better BUT ended up working 2.5 hours overtime and fucked if I was going after a 10.5 hour shift. The worst shift of my life in that place xD


Skating 0/2

I did bad at trying to fit this in, it didn't really even cross my mind and I only made it to training once last week. I'm really going to have to fix my schedule now that all my work shifts seem to be on weekends. Maybe the sun will come out more and I can go outdoor skating? 


Slow Carb 2/7

I was just woefully underprepared most days for this. Or I would start out great and dinner would throw me out of whack. That happened a lot. This is what I got pissy about - not doing well at this - but considering I'm still losing a bit of weight I shouldn't be so mad. 


Mindfulness 6/7

Okay this was fine. I am noticing that I'm stopping myself from trying to do another thing while eating / drinking coffee and I think I've been enjoying my food a bit more? it's sort of hard to tell just how much of an effect this is having but it's been interesting. 


schedule fu: 1/1.

Done. not that it helped this week. 



I think due to a whack work roster creating a lack of sleep, my brain has had a field day with itself and I haven't had the energy to write it all out but -->

  1. I'm still enjoying(?) this existential crisis in which I want to do something more then work for the government as an office drone and can't work out what
  2. I feel like I'm not participating in life enough and waste most of it on the couch and/or asleep and I should be doing better given my current young and childless situation
  3. I feel like I am not progressing on my goals as quickly as I should be


  1. The existential crisis I am working on, to be fair. I've picked up a few of my hobbies again in an attempt to just do the tiniest bit every day because otherwise I'll never improve and always be mad at my amateur skills (thanks perfectionism) - this week I have been drawing and crocheting and ukulele'ing :) I may even modify my original plan of focusing solely on sleep to make this a goal for next challenge.
  2. I think I just don't give myself enough credit for the things that I do in a week considering I work full time - just because I'm not also juggling a horde of small children doesn't mean my struggles aren't valid? or something. I work, I play derby as a player, also a committee member, now a coach too; I run a household (food shopping, prep, cooking cleaning etc) I make it to the gym, I do like 100 different hobbies, I track everything, i'm always trying to improve on my shit from last time. I'm even nice to everyone?... My instagram makes me look like a hella good person and I still don't feel like it? xD
  3. Since I have been tracking my weight loss and strength gain I know this is actually just not true. I stepped on the scales this morning and weigh exactly 72kgs. thats (just over) 3kgs down since week 0 of this challenge, which is a ~3kg loss in just over 4 weeks, which for anyone is bloody brilliant. It feels like it's been a lot longer then it has and I don't need to to get angry about it. I was getting angry about ONLY squatting 67.5kgs for 5 reps when I squatted 75kgs for 1 rep once? It's obviously not comparable and completely in line with what I should be squatting for 5 reps but the smaller weight on the bar makes me feel weaker. xD And 67.5 reps is what I was squatting for 3 reps in my prep for the comp last challenge which means I am, in fact. getting stronger. Fuck you and your doubts brain, I have numbers on my side!


I can't be bothered writing a novella of the crap my brain spins but I just wanted to write this down somewhere xD Also whoops, it did get a bit long. Ah well. I think the lack of sun over winter has finally gotten to me. 


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So my compliance to this challenge has been sketchy at best this week. It's taking a while to re-adjust to my sudden new work schedule which is pretty much a complete flip of what I was doing. But I am still tracking my food even if it isn't completely slow-carb and I've only missed one gym day (last Sunday) because early morning starts murder my motivation. Between missing the gym on Sunday and missing training on Monday due to overtime, I'm feeling all the DOMS from Wednesday's gym session today >.< I also didn't skate hard on Thursday because I coached training instead of doing the training which probably hasn't helped. 


5x5 session

Squats 67.5kg || +2.5 |||

Pull-ups 25kg assistance |||| [4]

Bench Press 40kg |||| [4]




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