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On 8/10/2018 at 10:51 AM, RhiaWolfe said:


Do you think it was because it was beer or because you had something else to do with your hands besides digging into snacks? Maybe you could use this to find something else to drink with less calories to take the place of snacking? 

Hmm, I think it's a hand to mouth thing.   I've done some light sketching at the table in the past, and that didn't necessarily slow down the snacking but I also wasn't trying to have it do that.   I only drink water, beer and coffee (2 cups a day, cut off at 2pm.)   So I don't really have an option for 'other thing to drink', hehe. 


19 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Good job not snacking. See if next week you can drop from 3 beers to two.

Yeah, that's an idea too.   I actually normally don't have ANY beer at gaming, it's snacks and water.   So I'm not sure which route is the lesser evil yet.   But I will keep experimenting.    The basement we game in gets up to 86 degrees!  (No AC, and also very muggy.)  So it drives the body to respond in stupid ways.   Of course, in the winter, it gets to 56 because they have no heat either... I really need my own place haha.



Last night was a hectic night of family gathering but it went fine.   Me and my nephews (now 18 and 15) crammed into my room and played Just Dance.    We're really close and I love those two to pieces.   We played some bags, then I gave the youngest a piggy back ride to everyone's astonishment.  They all go to scold him, "Keagan you can't do that you're too big, you'll hurt her!"   And I have to say, "I INVITED him onto my back!   Watch this!"  And proceed to do a split legged squat so he can slide his shoes on while still getting his piggy back ride, lol.    It's good times.   And while he might be 5'10", he's all bones and sinew so like 120lb tops.  Haha.


I have the rest of the afternoon today to relax and unwind.   Going to get food with my boys and probably play some computer games or watch some anime.   Then tomorrow is the long hectic day.      Oof.


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Super tired from the weekend, but I've written out my Bujo and have things pretty set for tomorrow.    Hoping for some good sleep so I can hit it hard tomorrow.

Missing my coworker at work this week so it might be extra busy, but I am vowing to do what I've said and not use that as excuse.




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Day 1 Tally, pretty good really.


Goal 1 - Train Like Deku  :: Strength Train 3x / Week    [YES]   1 of 3

Goal 2 - Nothing to Report Yet
Goal 3 - Create like Yaoyorozu  :: Sketched a practice face.  [YES]  1 of 7.   Worked on Tablet for an illustration project a friend asked me to help with.  [YES] 1 of 2.   Jotted down almost 2 pages of D&D prep notes for loose reminders.  [YES] 1 of 1



Work was pretty busy today but I kept ahead on it.   My dad and step mom were supposed to be joining us for dinner, but they opted to head to the hotel instead.   That means tonight became an unexpected regular Monday for me.    I got my sketching and art in after work and while waiting for dinner (still waiting, so hunger) and also managed to do my laundry.   After food clean up is done, I'll get a nice bit of time to play Tyranny- which I've been super jonesing for.    Did I share with you all the funny dialog that came up?





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On 8/11/2018 at 3:01 PM, Starpuck said:

I only drink water, beer and coffee (2 cups a day, cut off at 2pm.)   So I don't really have an option for 'other thing to drink', hehe.


Bit delayed on the comment here, but if you like sparkling water or seltzer maybe that can work? 


The carbonation helps it feel more interesting than water. Especially after some lemon or lime slices if I have any in the house.


Just another option to consider... 

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Day 2 Tally


Goal 1 - Train Like Deku  :: Move 2x / Week    [YES]   1 of 2

Goal 2 - Nothing to Report Yet
Goal 3 - Create like Yaoyorozu  :: Sketched a practice face.  [YES]  2 of 7.   Worked on Tablet.   [YES] 2 of 2.  


Got a bike ride in on my lunch break.  First ride since JULY guys, oh man.    It felt good but tiring, and I was already pretty sore from the DOMS from the day before.     Got home, had left over dinner, then my dad came over (just my dad, yay!) and we visited with him for about 2 hours.  We had our obligatory dad and daughter ice creams all together (and I am not even worried about that being a bad thing) and then worked on some tablet art.     So far so good.


My dad won't be coming for dinner tomorrow as he is visiting other people and then heading home for Florida. :(    I will go to hockey and get my mind off the departure and get some more sweat time in.      


Work has been SUPER stressful guys.   With my partner out and weird stuff coming up, it is an absolute miracle I have managed to not break down and eat crap, or ditch on the exercise.    I really need to not get so stressed in the moment, so that's my goal to work on for tomorrow.





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Day 3 Tally


Goal 1 - Train Like Deku  :: Move 2x / Week ** Dance Central @ Home after work.   [No]   1 of 2

Goal 2 - Nothing to Report Yet

Goal 3 - Create like Yaoyorozu  :: Sketch practice.  [YES]  3 of 7.   Worked on Tablet.   [Yes] 3 of 2.   


Work continues to be nuts.   Using mental fortitude to combat emotional stress.  Basically, I am telling myself repeatedly to do things one step at a time, complete the thing, move on - don't obsess.   I can do good work without being in panic mode all the time. 




I was supposed to have hockey tonight, but after careful deliberation I determined that I struggle with Thursdays on a normal work week.   I think it will be wiser in the long run to do some at home exercise right after work for my 'move' and get to bed at a decent hour.




Food has been fine all week; the only additional thing I've been having is a 2nd cup of coffee in the morning so I don't see that as being an indulgence, frak it, or mishap.   Just giving me a bit more oomph to keep up the pace.  


Family situation ended up being weird;  my Dad and stepmom were supposed to be over both Monday night and Tuesday night for dinner.  They bailed on both because my stepmom is clinically bi-polar and in a manic/sick state right now.     My dad came over solo last night, and informed us he would NOT be over tonight (Wed) and that they are leaving Thurs.   So I only really had my Sat. morning with him and the Sunday party.    I gotta admit, I get pretty angry at the stepmom for being such a controlling nag with my dad.  Her demands limit his life/desires and I find myself protective of him, and thus pissed at her.  Also- as a note, she is rather self-centered and selfish in addition to the mental illness, so it's a sharp sword when it happens.  I know it's ultimately his battle, but it's hard to not feel it.   I'm instead SUPER thankful I took him to breakfast just him and me on Saturday and had that day with him.


The adjusted plan is the dancing tonight, which should allow the lifting tomorrow (I needed another day to recover from strength anyway) and then D&D - excited for that.   And I am going to plan on indulging in a few of the Bud Light Orange's my friend picked up.   I just want a bit of unwinding tomorrow.   I do plan on picking up something to cook at the house tomorrow with my friend; so that will leave some spare indulgence points for the beers.


Since I am working out at home tonight, I used my lunch break to get in a new tutorial from my Art academy thing; the 3/4" view.   Also got a bunch of sketching in.  Been a while since I threw some pics down, so here!


Homeboy on the left has some lazy eye craziness going on!       Following along with the lesson!  Woot.

jbtb9g2.jpg         tHFreHN.jpg


More practice on the 3/4" template. 

I think I will turn him into a young wild elf druid.




And got some tablet time in to finish up this funky thing.

Silhouette of Aella holding her spiritual weapon- I chose a lance.



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Work stress is a real thing... it sucks. I hope things get less stressful for you soon. 


As always, I love your ART!!!!! ^_^ <3


17 hours ago, Starpuck said:


I was supposed to have hockey tonight, but after careful deliberation I determined that I struggle with Thursdays on a normal work week.   I think it will be wiser in the long run to do some at home exercise right after work for my 'move' and get to bed at a decent hour.



Good idea here. Let us know how it works out. Sometimes less is more in the long term. 

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Day 4 Tally


Goal 1 - Train Like Deku  :: Strenghth 3x / Week.  Whse workout despite heat and work stress.  Oof    [Yes]   2 of 3

Goal 2 -

  • Cook Th/Su to eat home cooked at game nights.  (2x / week)  [No] Too brain moosh to cook.  Will have tacos tonight and cook there tomorrow. 
  • Indulgences / week to equal 2 or less. Pending.   Planning on 2 beers tonight.    That will be non-indulge.   Beyond that takes a mark.
  • McD's Iced Coffee not to exceed 2 / week.   [Had 1 of 2 allotted.]
  • Snack plan for game nights. (Bento box)  Bringing red grapes!   We'll see how it goes.

Goal 3 - Create like Yaoyorozu  :: Sketch practice.  [YES]  4 of 7.  


Work still brutal.   One more day to get through.   Another CSR is feeling sick and with fever, and here I am flushed and with a headache.  I keep telling myself that I am NOT getting sick; these are symptoms of high stress levels.     Took some extra Zinc just in case, lol.


Tonight is D&D.   We are fighting a dragon.  Hope I don't die- that'd be the frosting on the cake of what is this hellish week.   (But I do have a lot of spare character ideas thought up, so no worries there.)




Tomorrow is final day of covering my partner who is out, then heading to boyz house to cook foods, then play some games and watch some anime.



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Just a quick update on the D&D night hurdle.


- Had my two tacos at dinner, so delicious!  Did NOT eat all of the chips they bring to table.  (WIN)

- Had a SINGLE Oreo when I got to the house, didn't really feel in the mood for them so skipped having more.  (WIN)

- Had about 15 grapes, but they were not satisfying at all.  (WIN-ISH)

- Chased the grapes with about 10 wasabi almonds.  (OK)

- Opted to have my 2 beers that I was planning for.  (OK)

- Had a large handful of these delicious Salsa Verde flavored Tostitoes.   (EH)


Overall, I feel like I didn't binge last night.  I had snacks, but it was not non-stop snacking craziness.    As I think about what triggered additional reachings... it was the fact that the things I tried to eat did not in fact bring me any sort of pleasure/satisfaction/hunger halting.    By choosing snacks I "felt I should be eating" instead of snacks I wanted, it ended up being a thing where I kept reaching for the mysterious 'perfect snack'.  


So going forward,  I need to find snacks that are better than an entire row of Oreos - but still deeply satisfying on the levels I want them to satisfy on game nights.


Overall, a good night!   And we killed the dragon!



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D&D Story Time!


So the group prepares to go in and fight the black dragon that has decimated the halfling village of Pearl Post.    We do our research and, knowing what black dragons can do, buy up some potions of acid resistance.    Kess (my rogue) already had Winged Boots that allow her to fly, but as leader of Ignes Vindictae (aka The Red IV) she picks up a Broom of Flying.   We enter the cavern and cautiously start approaching.      Allon our bard, casts greater invisibility on Kess so she can become whirling ghost blender (spoiler: dragons see invis critters lawl) and we start inching in.


On our second round, the beast makes his presence known and nails two of our guys with acid breath.    Immediately after we have to roll our saves against fear!    Kess, Allon and Jalal all fail!   Ack!   Leaves our wizard up and his simulacrum wizard 2.0 to start this fight off.


I won't go into all the fine details, but I'll highlight my favorite parts...      


Jalal our eldritch knight has been told by Kess, "To stay near me during fights.   I am at my strongest when I have allies close by."    Since she is now invisible, he casts see invisibility so he can track her!  


In the lair, the bottom of the cavern starts rising with water! 20' up!  Then another 10, and another 10!    Kess chucks her broom of flying at Jelal, shouting "Trace on!"  (That's the word to activate it... yes.  Fate series reference. ;))   Well, it leaves her hand invisible since it was on her person when the spell was cast.    There's no way he could catch it... EXCEPT he had cast see invisibility.  HIGH FIVE FOR TACTICS!


We continue to struggle to break through our fears, and Allon offers inspiration for us while he stands there wetting his own pants heh.    The wizard polymorphis his simulacrum into a giant ape that can go bat at the dragon while we try to get positioned.


Jelal moves with the broom to start attacking,. but he's never been on the broom before, so he misses his first three swings, and says, (He themed this guy like an Arabian Knight), "I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this is no carpet!"  (Bwuahaha.)


Finally Kess manages through her fear and rushes up, flying with her boots, to cast a heal on Arthan the wizard, who has been taking ALL of the aggro because the rest of us were afraid.    Next round she lays in with her flame tongue scimitar and I roll a Nat 20!    I don't get sneak attack because I don't have an ally next to me, but I had already cast hunters mark (5 levels of ranger) and so I rolled a d6 for my scimitar, +2d6 fire damage, +d6 hunters mark, +d8 colossus slayer perk (from ranger)  DOUBLED!  I did 64 damage on that swing!  Oh man!


Some dragon cult people show up, and Allon starts blasting them with spells (still afraid of dragon, so he can't move closer to the main fight) and we eventually take the beast down!


It was a really fun fight, with some great tactics and roleplay!



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On 8/17/2018 at 4:48 PM, Starpuck said:

D&D Story Time!


D&D Story Time is always great.  Running late (as usual) but back again.   Speaking of D&D Story Time, any thoughts on the recent developments on Critical Role?  I especially liked watching the live show from GenCon (going to have to try to get to one of those some day).

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Ok, first, GO YOU on controlling binging at game night! That is so hard! (I didn't do so well). 


Your D&D story sounds awesome! My D&D game wasn't quite as exciting as fighting a dragon. We are playing a pre-made campaign, but it's still quite fun! We did get our fortunes told by a gypsy woman and now know what we need to get to defeat the vampire though. Also got a Raven called Edgar now. :) 

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So weekend recaps should be maybe re-titled to 'Weekend Shit Show' lol.

Ok ok, I'm really not being that hard on myself, because why? 


A streak of first world catastrophe's, plus friend's over-heated house, plus fear of pending death plague (coworker had run a fever of 105 on Thursday night and came to work on Friday anyway, wtf!) lead to a series of unfortunate events poor choices.


Rather than outline all of them specifically, let us say that I chose quick, easy and comforting, over anything that required more work/effort.       Proven formulas show that time + effort = results, so I can't really bitch much about lack of forward progress until I correct this.    The solution is this:   I need a firm plan that I take steps to have in progress before the weekend hits and I need a slightly more flexible plan that is routine enough to slip in if/when the firm plan fails.




I did get a 15 mile bike ride in on Saturday, enjoyed a really great game of Don't Starve on Friday/Saturday (we named it OCD Paradise because Wasabi and I like to make super organized base camps, so we're doing this game just us), watched and enjoyed Ready Player One on Friday night, heard a GREAT Sermon on Sunday by Ryan Leak about chasing failure.  And had an absolute blast at Sunday's ToA game.




We have a full crew back at work this week.  Neither VS or I caught the illness that CG had last week, and I am ready to kick some butt.   I've realized that I really will not ever get 3 lifting days in a week, unless I do all 3 at work.   I can do this M W F and be fine- but it means two things.   1) I have to share the space with my coworker and I really don't like this set up.   I can choose to get over it and get my shit done anyway, or let it be another excuse to give up.  I am choosing the former.    2)  I have to lift on Wed and also probably play hockey on Wed.   I can do this.   I will do my heavier lifts on M and F, and choose to deload a bit on Wednesday.    I only have 3 more weeks of W night hockey anyway, and then it won't be a problem.   But - as one of the things Ryan  Leak stated, "Be the person today- that you intend to be tomorrow."   In other words, stop waiting for "this day" or "that situation" before doing the thing.  Just do the thing.




Plan for this week:

Lift Days - M W F

Move Days - T TH

Tablet Art - M T W

Art Lesson - T

Sketch daily!

Make Budget

- Write down EVERY extra expenditure this week.



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W2D2 - All's well!


Got groceries and input it into my budget tracker.

Updated ToA data and session notes for our Sunday D&D.

Lifted today.

Did a practice side view sketch at work.

Did laundry.

Washed sheets.

Started inking another pic on the tablet.

Paid bills.

Playing some Tyranny now.


A really good, very motivated feeling Monday.   Going to try and get into bed early enough to give me good rest for good energy tomorrow.


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Another good day in the books.


Took my toosh to the indoor track at lunch since it was raining.   Work had been frustrating and I was feeling lethargic from the dreary skies but I wanted no excuses this early in the week.   I hadn't run-run since I dunno... May?  So just did run a lap, walk a lap for a total of 2.5 miles.  Plenty good enough.


Ate at home.  Stuck to food I know is good.  (Though I am going to have a home made blueberry muffin before bed.)   That's all on track.


Sketched two practice faces at work between calls.    I really want the formula/template to get memorized and I always have to refer back to my notes on what to do.   More practice.   Got home and finished up the inking I started yesterday on one of last week's sketch practices.    I've named him Quinlan Thornbark.   He's a young wood elf who is super intrigued in the goings on of other men and elves; so he offers to act as a guide for a few coins and trade of interesting city trinkets.   




There was supposed to be some tidying up of my room today; but it's really not bad enough to warrant a dusting and vaccuming so I will postpone that to the weekend.   Pretty sure I have most of Sunday to plot stuff.


Now for some encounter plotting and then some more Tyranny!



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