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[Sylvaa] I Do What I Want!


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On 9/7/2018 at 1:00 PM, NeverThatBored said:


Way to value your own time! This sounds like a really good decision. RE: eating healthy, I guess you can just make sure there are healthy options around for when they do make their own food?


3 hours ago, WhiteGhost said:

My mom did this when I was about 10 and it continued through all of the way through high school.  I can imagine it was great relief for my mom, but the result was that I ate pretty much nothing but frozen burritos, hot dogs, frozen pot pies and frozen pizza for a significant portion of my childhood :D 


This is actually my biggest fear about going down this route. Honestly though, the majority of the time anymore, the kids just choose to not eat dinner and heat up junk later (we keep it in the house for quick lunches for them). So it's just taking the burden off of the adults in terms of having to meal plan and grocery shop and cook. 


Backstory: food in our house has always been a bone of contention. The kids want home cooked meals, but only if it's what they want. So like, if we make tacos every week, that's fine. But like last night, I made Butter Chicken (I love Indian) and I got so much flack for it. But then they get tired of things we make every week and then don't want anything. Yes, this is normal kid stuff, but what the heck do you do about it as a parent? We have tried giving them access to the weekly menu to decide in advance whether they are going to eat it (this was supposed to be helpful in terms of leftovers and watching the food budget), we gave them each a day to plan and cook every week (to let them see how difficult it was), and now we are trying this. 


On 9/8/2018 at 5:13 AM, Ann of Vries said:

For paper tracking--if you have multiple things to track, there is the much touted Bullet Journal which is good for that, and also I like the Traveler's Notebook System, which amounts basically to "small leather folder that holds a variety of notebooks to which you can assign a specific use for." 


Yeah, I've been leaning towards a Traveler's Notebook for the reason you mentioned. The Bullet Journal format is fine and similar to what I use for my daily tasks, but I definitely need a specific area for meeting notes (work related). After much thought, I have decided that - at the risk of having multiple journals - my workout log will still be separate anyway. It's not unworkable at the moment, just a lot of extra carrying around. The nice thing about a single format is that they can all end at the same time.

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