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Had a great relaxing vacation with the family.  It felt weird not keeping track of my goals, since I've been doing mostly the same goals for a few months now, except the weight lifting being new (new as in only 2 months old).  Lol.  I almost grew a beard from not shaving all week.  I brought my razor; I had just decided that I wasn't sticking with anything during vacation.  Now here's where I lose some points:


# Week 4 Summary #

1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: +1 STR (only time I haven't been to the gym at least 3x in a week in a few months now)

2) Go to the gym and do cardio: +0 STA

3) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone: +1 CON (I still did this, my calories were well over 2700 a day thanks to inlaws providing lots of food and wine)

4) Wake up every morning 30 minutes early, so I can meditate first thing: +0 CON

5) Meditate every weekday for 25 minutes: +0 WIS

6) Spend 30 minutes reading from the Great Books of the Western World: +0 WIS

7) Floss my teeth: +0 CHA (I packed my floss, but didn't use it this week either)

8) Shave every day: +0 CHA

9) Brush my teeth at night: +0 CHA (I could've at least done this, but I didn't)


It was good having to actively think of things to discuss with the inlaws, rather than having my nose in a book most of the trip.  Of course, the father-in-law and his brother were really interested in how my reading was going, so I got to talk about what I last read a little bit.  I'm ready to get back to my reading this week or at least by the start of the new challenge.  My last reading was a little challenging, since I missed one of the points entirely until reading the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy summary afterwards.  It's rough reading through something to the finish when you're already pretty lost.  So, it was nice having a bit of a break after that.  But I am looking forward to getting back to Plato.  The dialogues are fairly engaging. 


Going to continue my workout plan, even though I'm not in a competition anymore.  I'll probably see out the next few months of personal training with the 2700 calorie diet, and then try cutting.  I've put on fat and muscle in roughly equal proportion, as my fat percentage has stayed fairly constant even though I gained so much muscle, but I got pretty good at dieting before.   Just have to make sure I can do it while keeping up my protein intake and just accept that I probably won't make as noticeably progress with my lifts while I'm eating in a deficit. 


I'm pretty sure I'm going to drop the meditation for next challenge, at least for the time being, to see if I miss it.  I don't really mind getting up at 6 instead of 6:30, but I don't feel like I'm getting that much out of it.  Maybe after I stop, I'll realize how useful it was and decide to go back to it.  I've gotten fairly good at it now at least.  It just isn't something I want to continue doing.


Hmm.. Well, I put all my final thoughts in this post, so I might as well include my final point summary in this post too.


# Challenge Summary #

1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: 3+3+3+1=10/4=2.5= +3 STR

2) Go to the gym and do cardio: 2+1+1+0=4/4= +1 STA

3) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone: 1+1+1+1=4/4= +1 CON

4) Wake up every morning 30 minutes early, so I can meditate first thing: 1+1+0+0=2/4=0.5= +1 CON

5) Meditate every weekday for 25 minutes: 3+3+0+0=6/4=1.5= +2 WIS

6) Spend 30 minutes reading from the Great Books of the Western World: 3+3+0+0=6/4=1.5= +2 WIS

7) Floss my teeth: 1+1+1+0=3/4=0.75= +1 CHA

8) Shave every day: 1+1+1+0=3/4=0.75= +1 CHA

9) Brush my teeth at night: 0+1+1+0=2/4=0.5= +1 CHA


Looks like rounding really worked in my favor this time.  I used to play in hardcore mode and always rounded down, but I decided at some point there was no need to be so hard on myself.  But it does mean I can only do half the effort on my 1 pointers for the same points.  Either way, I don't take advantage of it by planning for slacking.  Now I'm really behind on reading all the other warrior threads from vacationing and spending some of my little free time playing WOW, so need to see about getting caught back up before the new challenge starts.

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Level 10 Vegetarian Vampire Warrior

STR: 16 DEX: 7 STA: 6 WIS: 46 CON: 27 CHA: 17

Intro | Challenge: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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