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VACATION TIME!!! aka, my tried and tested challenge setup just won´t work. No, really, it won´t. And I won´t set myself up for failure, so I´ll go back to that in September, but for now:


Main quest: Daily deliberate activity (I´ll settle for 6x per week)


Side quests:

- stick to IF (11am-7pm feeding window, unless social obligations butt in)

- stick to strength workouts (3x a week)

- avoid candy (can have protein ice cream and candy, and my usual vegan fruit ice creams; again, will be happy with 6x per week)

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So, vacation... it turns out, there´s a running trail that starts right outside where I´m staying. One of those trails that have exercise stations peppered along the course. and I brought my dog on vacation, so I have to go out at 6am daily anyway. I´d say my exercise is all set for the next two weeks, unless it´s rainy. :triumphant:

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Week 1 report:

Boy, did I have daily deliberate activity... all days done!

I stuck to IF all 7 days, though I did move the feeding window to an hour sooner 1 day, to accommodate social obligations. Also done!

I managed proper strength workouts on 4 days, and started (but stopped early for various reasons) on another 2. Done!

I had candy once. Then there was that one time when I technically had dessert, but the thing was not sweet, because I deliberately picked something that way. So I´ll consider that done too.


All in all, not a bad week. It has taken some accommodations in other areas to be able to stick with this, but I think it would actually have been easier to maintain off vacation (other than daily activity).

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Week 2 report:

That was nearly daily deliberate activity, I slothed around one day (rain, injured dog so no walkies, general laziness and such). Done!

I stuck to IF 6 days. The dog had to be taken to the vet, which was a nearly 5 hour trip, and by the time we were back, I ate too late. Bummer.

I managed proper strength workouts on 3 days, and transitioned to the Reddit recommended routine. It seems so nicely structured, I couldn´t resist it. I´ll now do the applicable NF boss battles every month, along with my pics and measurements, to assess progress. Done!

I had candy twice. Once was my planned day of candy that went wrong with the vet visit, and then I had candy today. Grandma´s 80th birthday lunch, and she´d be so freaked out if I didn´t have dessert. I´m a huge fan and ALWAYS have room for a pile of pancakes, you see. But I settled for a raw vegan non-gluten mango cake, and the slice was of a VERY reasonable size. So all in all a failure, but I´m happy with my self restraint nonetheless. Bummer.


All in all, this was less than a good week. But I have shown some ability to control my eating without going on a strict unsustainable "you-can´t-eat-anything" diet. And I suppose learning to eat in moderation is going to be better in the long run than being 100% reliable for the duration of the challenge.

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