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I moved this to the Supplements thread where it will likely get more responses. I'm not an expert in Hormone therapy, but I suspect those who are would ask you to elaborate on what you mean. Do you mean take testosterone as a pre-workout supplement? Or do you mean be on a testosterone treatment plan to aid in working out?


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You have two choices:


A) Go talk to your doctor - mucking about with your hormones can cause permanent changes to your health and physiology; if they say don't do it, don't do it. However, if you have low levels, they may help you out with prescribed dosages and professional monitoring of potential side effects - win/win.


B ) Check out some of the bodybuilding sites/reddits for safe dosages, and err towards less is more. I have zero experience with it, but this seems like a pretty even headed intro: https://www.t-nation.com/pharma/honest-advice-about-steroids (note: MODS, if this isn't permitted, feel free to delete)


Cliff notes: if you haven't already peaked as a lifter (ie. 7-10 years of progressive overload), if there's a potential for you to become psychologically addicted, if you're not prepared for some of the scary and permanent side effects (eg. mood swings, increased risk of stroke and heart attack, growing boobs, male pattern baldness, shrinking testicles, etc - that's why you have a doctor help you keep it safe!), and if you can't afford it - DON'T TAKE IT WITHOUT QUALIFIED, LICENSED MEDICAL SUPERVISION.



OR, you could just forget about extraneous testosterone and focus on weight lifting (keep workouts under 45min), eating a balanced diet (including naturally occurring cholesterol eg. eggs) and enough protein, getting enough sleep, managing stress, taking some vit D and maybe a ZMA supplement, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine. These will all help boost your body's natural - balanced - testosterone production.

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Are talking about just taking testosterone right before you workout, like for a boost.


If so, then, I must say, in my opinion, you are not going to get anything out of it.


However, if you are talking about going on HRT, then you need to talk to your doctor about that.


I would suspect however, that at your age, your test levels should be just fine.


Lift weight 3-4 days per week, take in some high quality protein, like a whey shake post-workout, and try and eat some high quality protein, fats and carbs every two-to-three hours,


Do this regularly and you will build muscle.


Hope this Helps.

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