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Your Personal Daily Martial Arts Training Routine?

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I'm just wondering: what do any of you do for daily training?


Personally, I was amazed when I was attending class one time, and I told the other students I practice my forms 3 times each outside of class. They were like, "Really? I practice only when I'm here." It was illuminating in that it showed me just how much more I'm into this stuff than the average person. Hell, if I am more into it than my classmates, imagine what my devotion is like compared to someone who doesn't go at all. LOL


Anyway, since I asked the question, I will share my daily routine first. Up front I must say that I am a bit OCD-ish when it comes to stuff like this. My goal has always been to attempt to get at least an hour of training...yes, on a daily basis. However, if that is not possible, then I believe in aiming for an amount equals 25% of an hour. In other words I would aim for 15, 30, or 45 minutes per day. Here are the items on my list of training activities:


1-All 6 Wing Chun forms


3-Shadow Boxing

4-Heavy Bag work

5-Training on the Wooden Dummy, AKA the "Mook Jong"


The forms, when added up, come to about 5-6 minutes. That leaves me with 4 other activities. If I do those for 10 minutes each, then I have my 45 minutes. :-)


You may notice that all these activities are solo. Again, chalk that up to the fact that I don't know many other people who want to train as hardcore as I do. However, rest assured that I also do go to classes where I am interacting with other living, breathing, MOBILE human beings. I also started my own group via Meetup where I get together with people of various styles and practice against them too. In my opinion, practicing Your Style Versus Your Style all the time is...well, to be crass, it's kind of like inbreeding.


So, please share away!




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I pretty much train in class only, but I'm in class 5 or 6 days a week, and aikido needs a body to work with to actually do anything productive.  I'm also at the point where quality counts infinitely more than quantity, so if I'm not mentally good for a class I don't force myself to go simply to say I was there and devoted.


That said, I tend to think on aikido movements and philosophies a lot.  I read a bunch.  Discuss a lot with peers.  Work on my mobility and endurance with non-martial art workouts (and previously my strength with lifting workouts).


Honestly, I'd love to do an uchi deshi program somehow, but bills need to get paid, so I am SOL on that front.  Not to mention the girlfriend might be less than pleased with me vanishing for several weeks to months.

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