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Hey fellow warriors!







Now that I've successfully battled the Blerch in my head (everything really is so much easier now) and got back to dieting, it's time to start battling the Blerch on my body.


From my 2 weeks diet bet to get back to counting calories and stop with the sweets I lost weight and best is that I can see a difference after those 2 weeks and that they were not so hard to do. So, I lost the bet: Eating right makes a difference.


It seems 2 weeks is a good chunk of time for me, not too long, not too short.


For my next plan I aim for a bigger deficit while preserving as much muscle mass as possible, something like PSMF (protein sparing modified fast) but not as strict. 

I think it's backed up with science pretty well and since it's only a short term thing, worth a try. I need quick successes, but if it affects me too much, I will stop. Also I will not do it as strictly since I do not want to work out less than 4 times a week.


Got some instructions where you aim for 2 - 2,5 g protein per kg of body weight, in my case between 132 and 150 g protein per day. Then substitute leafy greens and vegetables in general and eat carbs almost only on workout days. It also has roughly 1 clean refeed day once a week for hormonal balance and psychological reasons. 


An issue I have with this plan is that I dislike the idea of going back to eating chicken breast daily, I felt like going off that, and also off eggs, pork and dairy, improved my well-being and skin a lot. I'm also already breaking out and suspect it's from the protein powder I bought, some non-vegan option, not bad powder, even lactose-free, but still whey. And some dairy and poultry I had since I had no idea what else to eat. Lentils and beans simply are too high in carbs for this diet. 


So I will just do this for 2 weeks and see how it goes but I for sure do not plan to keep eating like this for a longer period of time.


Now the question for sure is: Why do it at all? And the answer is: 



Curiosity, I guess. I want to see if I can do it and how much fat I can lose in 2 weeks. I just want to get over with the fat loss as quickly as possible and feel that with my new found motivation and strategies to deal with the Inner Pig™ I am now limitless. I finally have the strength and willpower I was lacking for months since I can blame everything on an Inner Pig, lol. No, seriously, I'm having a blast.


I have no idea how I will eat yet so there will be some adjusting during the first week.






There's still quite some fat on my thighs and butt, this is where the title comes into play. The fat needs to go because the cellulite has to go. 


For all those years I kept believing that I can never get rid of that until I learned about First In, Last Out last week. One of the huge issues with weight loss for me has always been that the fat gets stored in my thighs but they do not look especially big, I do not look big, so at a certain weight I always hit a point where I felt like I was slim enough, even though I was skinny fat. I piled the fat on at the age of 13-14, even though I was never obese considering my BMI, there it started creeping up and I was sedentary all my teenage years and many years after that. 


I never went below a certain % of body fat, so I was never able to really lose this leg fat, not because it is impossible per se. This seems to be an issue in general, I even read this in the manual of the Buff Dudes, this weird feeling of getting too thin even though you technically aren't. It's just getting close to a point you have never been at before. The Unknown! :ghost:


The solution seems to be to keep at it, diet intelligently, keep lifting and trust my body that I won't start resembling a skeleton torso with dough legs the lower my body fat goes.




My next tasks for this challenge are preparing a document with all the rules for the next 2 weeks and to keep track daily, and I'll also set up a word count because I want to get back to writing pretty badly but I usually have no idea what to write about, funny, isn't it?


The start of the next 2 weeks is today, 14th of August, with the lovely weight of 66,6 kg. 


Best of luck to whoever reads this, I hope you all reach your goals!





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17 hours ago, Pyralis said:

Now that I've successfully battled the Blerch in my head (everything really is so much easier now) and got back to dieting, it's time to start battling the Blerch on my body.


Image result for the blerch

I heart you.



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Day 3 of PSMF... I eat around 1100 calories a day and so far it's going great. I'm hardly hungry and my mood is okay as well. Just got up at 6 am to lift, but didn't sleep well. 


It's either from having more energy or a side effect of the diet. I've never eaten that much protein before.




Red is, of course, protein, about 170g yesterday, yellow fat.


What is weird is that eating, despite the low calorie number, feels like indulging. Yesterday I had 400g chicken breast, a whole brakaly and some salad for dinner, and then still enough room for berries with a few cacao nibs, and my protein shake tastes like cookie dough. 


This way of eating makes me happy because if you eat like this in The Forest (meat and berries) and combine it with chopping wood, you become stronger and stronger every day and it reminds me of a time when I wasted my nights doing this while getting fatter in real life (eating ready-made brownies), wishing it was as easy as ingame in real life.


I also decided that after the disastrous first try 2 years ago it is now time to give riding lessons another try. I found a recommended teacher and from what she said so far on the phone, she sounds like she's got a good attitude. We will meet up soon to see if we can work together


Now excuse me, I gotta lift.


Have a nice day people!

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LOL! At least in his case it seems to be muscle.


Maintaining a big deficit has become harder from one day to the other. One reason is that I have less rules than in the first bet which seems to be a problem. In the first bet one rule was no chocolate, no cake, sugar, white flour, the case was clear. Now the rule is "eat enough protein", so when I manage to get all my protein and ate 1100 calories, I think: Oh well I can just have a cookie or ice cream or whatever, I'm still in a huge deficit.. then one cookie becomes two, two become three, and so on, and my deficit suddenly is not very impressive anymore.


I did not lose a single pound so far. My appearance is still changing and I'm getting stronger.  I feel kinda okay with my diet but I'm somewhat bored right now in general. Think I'm headed in the right direction even though eating so much meat is a chore. Just chewing on some beef jerky which seems to become more and more the more I chew on it and then I'll have some dry curd, ugh.


What does it help if I can't manage to eat a huge deficit most of the time? After this week I'll go back to eating a moderate deficit and less meat and get my protein more from vegan sources.

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The struggle to get enough protein in deficit is tough.  And for me finding veggie sources of protein largely falls into very processed that is either gross or loaded with sugar... or eating so much fiber mixed with my protein that I am a perpetual gas factory.


Everyone is different but I treat 1200 as pretty much the floor that I will plan for.  Anything lower than that consistently I have found unsustainable.

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I kinda failed with my diet, but it did help me realize a few things.


The second bet did not have as many rules as the first, it was mainly opting for protein, everything else was allowed, there was no clear defined deficit. I knew I could not go over 1600 calories without ruining the deficit but I underestimated the small bites of crap I took. Because nothing was restricted, I would eat bites of cookies here and ice cream there and so on.


There I finally understood what Glenn Livingston means when he says sometimes "never" is easier than "sometimes" and that we need clear defined food rules if we want to accomplish something. At least I need them. This wishy-washy approach doesn't work for me.


Another thing I realized is that I need to opt for more protein because it makes my body change even if my weight does not go down (much). I underestimated protein intake so far. Also it helped a great deal with staying strong during workouts.


Now I got a cold though so I did not exercise the past days and I feel like crap, I also ate a bit of crap the past days and my weight shot back up to 69, yay! It will be lost quickly though and I'll go back to a new plan today. A plan I did not even make yet. Something with 150g of protein and no chocolate.


But what I actually wanted to write about is the new riding lessons. It's a private teacher and she's great, we get along well on a personal level and I like the way she approaches riding and horses, far from the usual stuff. Good posture is still important and she owns a certificate, but the whole approach is more horse-friendly and with less pressure. I thought I will get to know her and her horses first and then maybe get on the horseback the next time but she suggested I jump up for a few minutes so she can see me ride. It was so much better than the riding lesson disaster in 2016 where the teacher constantly tried to put me down and in best case ignored me. First, the horses are treated much better and therefore happier and calmer and want to work with us; second, the whole show bullshit doesn't matter, back then we always took so long to put on the saddle and clean the horses and we were judged for it and we had to use so much stuff, this now isn't the case anymore, just saddle, bridle, done, without much fuss. 


So, in no time I was on the horseback and riding around and of course the teacher gave me instructions but she did not yell or become mean (which of course would have meant the end of the lesson as we both know and the loss of a customer, but she's still not the type for it) or, and that would have been the worst, imply I am not trying. 


It was such a difference to the horse before as well. The horse was so attentive and sensitive to what I did, did not take much effort. It still amazes me because that one of her horses is old but it felt light and easygoing. Chilled but not dull. Back in 2016 I had to pull the reins so hard to make the school horse stop and it still wanted to join his horse buddies in front of it, this was such a difference.


After the lesson I felt so happy. It's on a small farm with dogs and other animals and already in the car ride there when we talked I realized that the teacher is really someone I have stuff in common with and topics to talk about, especially self awareness, personal development and so on. I don't want to get my expectations up before I know her properly but so far I'm so happy with how this turned out, it is exactly what I wanted.


I'm used to people who act like their horses are so precious that a dumb peasant like me can't even touch them and if so, only after having years of school on some dull school horse, now we will soon ride into the forest together already and do the fun stuff without lessons and lessons of riding. She says I learn riding while doing it so we will just do that. She doesn't seem careless though, otherwise I'd opt out. 


Also it's fall soon, my favorite season, and my bf is great for numerous reasons. That kinda rhymes. I feel just so happy these days :star:



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