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Hello fellow Druids,


I'm in a time of transition, of change. But aren't we all? I'm certainly feeling it.


I'm trying to build good and better habits, so this--only my second challenge and the first after a long break--will focus on those.


I've been stringing together days of meditating and I feel the need to keep that going. It will be tough as the school year has started up again. I'm a teacher and I need to figure out how to incorporate good habits that aren't so difficult during the summer with the more challenging time of the school year. I've also just begun better habits of exercise and such. This, too, needs to continue. In addition, it would do me and those around me very well for my organization skills around the paperwork associated with my job to improve.


So, in bullet point format, here's my current challenge:


  • meditate twelve minutes a day (at least) every day
  • work out (nerd fitness academy) three times a week
  • grade homework and classwork in a timely fashion--such that grades are never more than one week behind


I'd also like to participate more in this community, but I'm really not sure what that will look like yet.

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