Jarric Writes a Challenge Really Quickly   So I'm a bit stuck for a theme this time round, and I keep not getting round to writing my challenge and we're already on day to, and I'm only getting busier. So I figured it's more important to write the challenge than worry about it looking good, and I've got 11 minutes on my lunch break to get this down!   Eat Real Food - 10XP I know what real food is, and I'm going to eat that instead of junk. Maximum two variances per week. A variance can be a course or a snack, but it's not a multi-course meal.   Don't Drink and D&D - 10XP Same as last time, because it worked well - no drinking at D&D nights and no drinking at home. Maximum 2 variances for this 4-week challenge.   Stick to the Plan - 15XP This is my exercise goal, and it comes in three parts: Write my exercise plan for the full 4 weeks in my bujo Share a picture of that plan here Stick to the plan every day   Recharge - 5XP 30 minutes reading a novel on non-D&D nights. I finished American Gods last challenge (finally!), and I'm hoping to make a big dent in The Long War by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.   Stick to the Budget - 10XP Stick to my £50 per week budget, record surplus/deficit each week.     In addition to my challenge, I'll also be taking part in the pull-up PvP which the awesome @Charlie_Quinn posted last week. Come and join us for that.   Well, I actually got that down with time to spare. In that case, have a gif, because it's a good gif.