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A wounded and compromised agent Knightwatch establishes a safehouse


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Recent fights against the shadow org have left me battered and on the run.  I need to go to ground for a bit, heal up, reassess my tactics, sharpen my skills.


These mysterious benefactors that have been feeding me precious little intel have taken me off the board for now, telling me to recoup for now, collate the intel I’ve fathered from the field into some kind of report on the shadow org’s operations. I’m not sure what side they’re even on in all this, but I can’t deny the validity of at least some of the leads they’ve given me.  Still, not sure I can trust them completely either.  I need to rebuild a support network one my own, and I need a safehouse that I can begin launching a new campaign from.


The fight will continue, but this time with more care.





I’ve always been a sucker for superhero bases and spy story safehouse and caches and stuff.


And it makes sense!  The characters that occupy these spaces cultivate them to support their battles against their badguys.


Basically though, my apartment is a cluttered disaster.  Look, I’m not saying that I’m headed towards the Hoarders show or anything, and I can fake it into looking entirely presentable with like 30 minutes notice, but, feel down, I just KNOW that the clutter is getting to me.  I’m not trying to be uber-minimalist or anything, but it’s tome to clear out a LOT of junk that’s weighing on my mentally and even physically.


To make this more fitness-y in nature, this is gonna apply to my kitchen area too.  Cleaning out and organizing my fridge and pantry and setting myself up for success with cooking and food prep is going to help a lot with me getting nack

on track.


So.  Decluttering and organization and optimization of space.  This will be an ongoing goal, but I’ll post progress going forward.





I’ve been grinding pretty hard for years and years, and it’s taken a toll on me.


One shoulder has had a nagging injury for far too long, a hip on the other side is problematic, I’m not moving too well in general (superspy style parkour tricks in chase scenes is definitely NOT in the cards for me right now!).


So the goal is a lot of rehab and mobility on injured areas, so that I can keep getting stronger.  Yoga or ROMWOD needs to be happening regularly, at least 4 sessions a week.





Knowledge and intel is power in any battle.  But too much can lead to confusion and paralysis.  Someone needs to sift through it all and make sense of the larger picture.


Real basic one here: i have way too many half-read books laying around.  I don’t mind having a few going, but i swear it’s gotten to the point of causing mental clutter too.  So, at LEAST one book completed (literally anything, fiction or non fiction) and taken off the pile.  Two would be better, but one is a start.


Meanwhile, a have to sit around and drive around a lot for my job, so I can consume podcasts and audiobooks and such.  10 podcast episodes is what I’m aiming for in the next few weeks.





I need to get operational again.  Stronger, faster, more agile and durable and capable.


I need to train.


I need to be mindful of my injuries, yes, but I gotta train to build those solid foundations again.


At least three strength sessions and two conditioning sessions a week.  They can be combined, like a lift followed by a run.  Strength portion and WOD at Crossfit.  Etc.


However, what would an agent do a lot of it thy were stuck in a safehouse?   Bodyweight training, and stuff requiring minimal equipment.  Along with my mobility work, a focus on improving my relative strength via bodyweight training will be had.



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Damn it smexy up in heeyah!


How did week one treat you, Ser?

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