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I'm expecting to continue to be semi-swamped for the next challenge. Presentations, a short conference trip, lots of stuff for the usual first half of the semester. I'm going to get on the boards tomorrow with another simple challenge of some kind; I'm putting it on my to-do list for lunchtime.


Relevant news items:


Friday I went to an all-day work thing that had really wonderful catered lunch with lots of vegetarian options. I took an embarrassingly large box of leftovers home with me, since they were going to throw it all out, and all weekend we've been eating leftovers from that: roasted veg, bok choi with tofu, quinoa, a little mac and cheese (oh god so good). Homemade pizza for dinner tonight.


I've been eating more sensibly again this week. I had put on about five pounds since around Dragoncon and the comfort food that followed getting sick after, but as of today I've lost three of that and I'm pretty much back to where I like my weight to be.


Yesterday we bought Ms Rogue a new car! We've been limping along on one functional car and one car (driven by me, since I take the train to work) that we didn't trust to drive much. We're back to two fully functional cars again, which is a huge relief. As a result, I can start doing after-work classes at kickboxing gym again whenever I want. I'm going to take 20SOC and email tomorrow to find out what I need to know before trying out a karate class.


I went back to kickpunching class this morning after missing two weekends. That was a thing. Man, take a couple of weeks off and it is a real trial coming back to it.

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