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Ran the Run for the Roses over the weekend (8/12) and realized that I really need to work harder. Over the winter and spring I focused on long runs to build up my endurance, this weekend I'm going to see if I sill feel comfortable running 10 k distance, hopefully I am. During the week I'm going to focus on going fast, with integrating fartleks  into my runs.


Run/Bike at least a half hour a day with one day being speed work and one day being long run, I plan on only riding the bike twice a week


Diet, get back to the diet that was working for meali


Strength train, continue to do the 100 push up challenge on Week 4 right now, will be on week 7(?) by the end of this challenge, which works because that it when the kids go to school and I get a little bit more time at the gym in the morning, which after conquering the push ups will give me the courage to add in other body weight work outs, pull ups, dips, inverted rows and burpees along with push ups


Create, I'm always doing something so someone else can do a project, time to pick out my projects and get them done. I'm thinking I'm going to make a lot of Home made gifts for the Holidays this year. 

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Did a 5k and push ups yesterday


Went out in my least favorite weather, (the heat) and did a 5k on lunch followed by a core work out on the grass at work


core work out


5 regular sit up

5 knee bent sit ups

5 butt lifts

5 side crunches

5 side planks

5 knee yourself in the face

5 foot rise planks 

5 push ups

5 supermans

5 side crunches

5 side planks

5 knee yourself in the face

5 twist sit ups

5 bicycles

5 ankle touches


my goal is to do that work out twice a week and build back up to sets up 10 and try to for sets of 15

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