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Druids' Sacred Grove: General Chatter

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Welcome to the grove. Pull up a log or a stone or spread out on the grass in the sun by the creek.

Talk about whatever comes to mind.

Have some tea.

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18 hours ago, Daryl of Barbaria said:

Hard to believe the last challenge is over already. Despite my sparse posting, I felt like I had a good pace going there.

Good to hear! 

Keep the momentum and let us know how it goes.


2 hours ago, Sunmage said:

I will be there!

It has been a long time...

How have you been druids?


Welcome back, @Sunmage . Good to see you again.


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Heidi, I love your chill energy, I can feel the tension of the day start to lose its grip when I’m hanging out in the grove. 
Feel free to come here as often as you like.
Let your cares and concerns sink into the ground as you breathe.
Fill your heart and your lungs with peace, for you are loved.
Twist behind you, to the left, reaching tall through your spine on the inhale, slowly twisting on the exhale to see the past behind you. Blow it a kiss; you don't need it anymore.
Return to center and repeat on the right.
Return to center.

And enjoy the tea.

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