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Cassava Flour

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Hello! I recently bought some paleo pancakes to eat post workout and the have cassava flour in them. I started reading about this flour and I have heard a lot of mixed things. Some people are very negative towards it and others love it. My goal is to build muscle without putting on fat. I am trying to only eat high glycemic carbs post workout and then to avoid carbs throughout the rest of my day. Does anyone know anything about cassava flour and whether it is healthy or not? Would it be better just to use sweet potatoes and coconut flour to make a post workout muffin? I want something easy to carry with me as I don't have time to go home after my workout.

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So I don't personally have much experience with cassava, but I'd say if you're hearing mixed things, it probably means different people react to it differently. I'm definitely a n00b here, but maybe you could just treat it as an experiment? (You know, how Steve is always saying to treat yourself like a human guinea pig?) See how you're feeling and if your body likes cassava, great! If you find you're tired or your body starts doing something weird (hystamine reactions or something? idk) then you'll know you need a different solution. Also, do you have access to a microwave post-workout? (Like, are you going to work right after, but there's a break room?) Because a baked sweet potato is easily made (or even just reheated), and that's a little more nutritionally complex than cassava flour. (That's the main complaint I ran into when I was looking it up for my own research.) So you could bring a sweet potato (or some baked squash, or a regular baked potato, or carrots or beets or what have you) in a lunch container with you, reheat as desired (although they aren't bad cold either) and eat those as post. (Also slow-roasted sweet potatoes are easy to make in a crock pot in batches ahead of time so you can reheat them for a couple minutes and run!)


If your heart is truly set on muffins, however, may I recommend https://nomnompaleo.com/post/101828602863/paleo-pumpkin-and-carrot-muffins these. I substituted mashed butternut squash for the pumpkin puree and homemade date paste (5 or 6 pitted mejdool dates, boiled and pureed) for the honey, and they are AMAZING. (Also you don't have to make these substitutions if you're eating honey and happen to have pumpkin puree around. I just didn't because it's summer and I haven't canned any pumpkin. :P )


Anyway, hope this helps at least a little! Let us know how it works out!

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