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I'm new to running. I always thought I couldn't, but this time when I started training for a 5k I really loved running... it was different than before.  I just started going around the block and felt so empowered when I could do it! Then I worked up to a mile, then two miles.  I did pretty good up hill, had good form, good cadence, getting faster.  I had so many wins in my first 2 months.  Some days are better than others.  I now follow a 5k routine on my Garmin Vivioactive to prepare for my race.  I'm a completionist, so I really like being able to check off those runs and I want to finish what I started.  I also really like getting my NF Academy workout routines every other day.


Anyway, the other day I was supposed to go a new distance, 2.5 miles and for some reason I couldn't muster the will to keep running after 1.5 miles.  I ended up walking a lot of the last mile.  Psychologically I felt very defeated, and it negatively affected my whole day.  Today I had scheduled for 2 miles.  That's a comfortable distance for me now.  I was excited about it--getting rid of the funk of the last failure with a fresh success.  But then when I got out I barely made it out of the house before I was mentally defeated... "I should run tonight instead" my mind said and I believed it.


Through this journey I've found running to be mostly a mental battle.  Focus, imagery and mantras that I make up keep me going.  And when I do, it's so empowering, like I can do anything.  But this wall is totally mental.  How do I smash through the doubt and get back on path?  Just go.  Go now.  Go and keep going.  Just like last week.  Why can't I?

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Running is totally a mental game. My suggestion would be to ignore your program for a bit and do runs you know you can do and have fun with it. You’ll get over your mental block soon I bet.

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