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Martinpanduh's 100% Paleo and Fitness challenge!

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Hello Nerdfitness! It's been a while since I last posted here, due to time constraints--I decided to take a break of broadcasting my progress (or lack thereof) for a while, but the good thing is I didn't stop working out. And I didn't stop writing it down. It's just, not a lot of things were held accountable and I'm looking to change that.

With your help, I'd love to be able to make headway this time! 6-week challenge? Let's do this!

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Age: 23

Height: 5'10

Weight: 220-ish


STR: 4

DEX: 4

STA: 2

CON: 2

WIS: 1

CHA: 2


My main goal for this challenge is basically this: maintain a strict 100% Paleo diet. A challenge that could easily dwarf all of my other girls at this point. Just for a brief background, I've always maintained a 95% Paleo diet (okay, more like 70%) for the past however many months since I discovered it on Nerdfitness. It's kept my energy up and has made me achieve so much more gains in terms of strength, but in all honestly, I just can't seem to cut the fat. At 220lbs, I feel as fit as can be (I ran a sub-25 5k just the other day and my Squat is at an all-time high of 280lbs + bar 5x5) but at the same time, my stomach is still too round for my tastes.

I've heard the adage weight loss is 80% diet and 20% working out, but I've never really taken it seriously. In a good week, I put in 4-5 sets of workouts in the gym at 80-90% capacity. That's heavy lifts + 10-12kph runs. But as you can imagine, all the gains are "lost" because I take concessions with diet (such as drinking alcohol, eating breaded things, eating chocolate and sugar).

With this challenge I plan to take the plunge and maintain a strict 100% Paleo diet by cutting the "fat" from my diet and finally see if I am able to do a 6 week challenge with maximum discipline, maximum effort and hopefully, maximal gains as well.


Stick a 100% Paleo diet for the next 6 weeks.

Stick to the rudiments of the Paleo diet, a good start here would be a re-read of Steve's epic post on the matter.

Cut out all the "fat": i.e sugar, chocolate bars, diet coke, iced tea, anything that isn't water and of course, the more obvious evils

Do not take any shortcuts with food as much as possible

Avoid processed meats and things that are deep friend in flour/breading

Points available: 5 (4 CON + 1 STA)

Strength + Fitness

Increase my 5x5 Squat from 280lbs to 290lbs + bar

Increase my 5x5 Chest Press from 145lbs to 155lbs + bar

Remaster Deadlift technique

Increase running steady state capacity from 10kph to 10.5kph

Incorporate a "Crossfit" day with Bear Complex and cardio as focus

Points available: 5 (3 STR + 2 DEX)


Basically, I would like to hold myself accountable and promise to track my progress every single day within the 6-week period because I am fed-up of promising myself results and not following through. This is a small feat that I aim to accomplish, starting today. Rules are simple:

Maintain a manageable caloric intake (based on estimates) every single day, through Paleo diet and a vigilant eye

Accomplish (ideally) 5 workouts in a week, 2 of them being Heavy Strength Days, 2 being Light Strength days and then one for cardio + Crossfit day

Update every single day (with or without workout) on this log.

Points available: 5 (2 CON + 1 STA + 1 WIS + 1 CHA)

And there you go! Later on tonight, after my workout, I will upload an image that marks the start of this adventure. I look forward to sharing it with you and I wish everybody the best of luck.

Let's do this!

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Thank you Crooked for the squad! DAY ONE is upon-eth.

Today, I pretty much stuck to my guns for the main challenge--which is maintaining a strict 100% Paleo diet. I had a yogurt for breakfast, two hardboiled eggs for mid-morning snack, a big salad at lunch + some odd cuts of meat, some fried bananas for merienda and then some squash soup, a slice of pork and steamed carrots + string beans for dinner. Not bad if I do say so myself.

As for the workout, heavy day today:

5x5 280lbs + bar Squat. Definitely moving up next challenge to 285.

5x5 145lbs + bar Chest Press. Still a challenge, one more round then moving up to 150lbs.

5x5 220lbs + bar Deadlift. Okay but a long way to go, my grips gave out on the last rep.

As for cardio, did a quick 10 minute run at 10kph. Time constraints held me back, oh well but better than nothing!

So far, so good.


I promised you guys a picture but having some camera problems, soon I promise!

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Martin! Glad to see you again dude. I'm with you on the paleo front! 6 weeks, no cheating. :)

Also, keep in mind goals can only have a max of +5 stat points.

Let me know if I can help! :)

Hey Loren Wade! Thanks for the welcoming, I feel great coming into this. Let's rock it out!

Oops, let me go redistribute it!

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Thanks nightlight! DAY TWO today!

A light workout day and I managed to keep up with my main challenge! No slip ups today so I feel good.

An egg and a slice of pork for breakfast. Another hardboiled egg and a slice of pork for mid morning snack. A big salad, a cup of soup, servings of meat for lunch. A banana for a snack. 2 cups of turnip for snack. And finally dinner was a cup of mung bean soup, two hardboiled eggs and 3 pieces of homemade burger patties in gravy.

I know, I overstepped my caloric levels I feel for my last meal but at least I stuck to my guns.

As for the workout:

5x5 85lbs + bar Overhead Press.

5x5 135lbs + bar Bentover row.

5x5 60lbs + bar Bicep Curls.

All of these were doable as I came from a deload phase, hoping to break through my plateaus.

I went for a run, gunning for a 30 minute run at an increased pace of 10.5kph (from 10kph). I've done it before but this time, I stopped myself at 21 minutes feeling out of breath. Good effort though, I'm sure I'll get it again next time.

Good day! I feel absolutely spritely.

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hey man it seems you're in the same boat as a friend of mine who cut weight recently also. he was weighing in at around 220, and lifts heavy like you. if he can do it, you can do it too! here's a pic for motivation/inspiration


Holy crap how'd he do it? Pure diet, no? And may I ask, how tall is he? He sure doesn't look 220 in the before shot. He must be 6 foot something!

At any rate, DAY THREE

Booyeah, pretty fun day life-wise. Got to get out of the office and do something different for a change. Diet was okay but then I was in a situation where I was in the field and all I had to eat was KFC. Not bad, but not good either.

Breakfast was two eggs and homemade burgers, lunch was a salad + 2 pieces KFC. Merienda was 2 cups of turnips, dinner was 2 pieces of KFC AGAIN, mung bean soup and a ground pork omelette.

Ugh, I felt like I went overboard on the calories today but at least, I'm pretty happy with my workout. Heavy Day today!

5x5 285lbs + bar Squat. PR EVERRRRYBODYYY!!! Feel pretty good about this one, it wasn't all that hard but I know it will be next round.

5x5 145lbs + bar Chest Press. Pretty okay, will move up 150 next round. Wish me luck.

5x5 225lbs + bar Deadlift. Ugh, grips still an issue.

Aimed to run for a 25minutes, but managed only 20 minutes at 10kph and 2 minutes at 12kph. Not bad, but I don't know--I just felt zapped by those last three minutes. Oh well, better than nothing! Light workout tomorrow.

Cheers guys!

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put down the KFC. ;)

maybe start packing yourself some emergency snacks?

"Come with me if you want to lift" -The Brominator

"Later, I would learn that coincidences are the most planned things in the world. Later, I would learn that every single moment is a coincidence." - Douglas Coupland

"Anyone who doesn't want french fries every day is a commie." - AngelaTheGeek

Current Challenge


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So with you right there nightlight! DAY FOUR

Unfortunately, could not get a workout in today because of the massive traffic. But good news is, I kept up with the Paleo! So I'll just chalk this up as a rest day.

Breakfast: one hard boiled egg, two slices of meat loaf. Midmorning snack: one hard boiled egg, two slices of meatloaf. Lunch: big salad, a chicken thigh, a cup of chicken soup (without the noodles) and some sausage. Merienda was two cups of turnips. Dinner was an omelette, two pieces of sardines and some stewed fish.

Not bad at all, the biggest win of the day was resisting all sorts of temptation (to drink juice, to have a piece of chocolate) the works! Will check in tomorrow and on Sunday with a workout! Cheers!

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DAY FIVE yesterday!

Rest day Saturday, just tried to watch my diet a bit more than usual.

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs and a hotdog

Midmorning snack: a hardboiled egg and a hotdog

Lunch: Roast pork, grilled garlic and a crab and corn soup

Afternoon snack: a cup of turnips and a cup of green mango

Dinner: Korean barbecue eaten with lettuce!

I must admit, the last meal was a bit of a binge but I was happy with the fact that it was all Paleo! Had nothing but water, one of my bigger goals for this challenge is to not drink anything that isn't water so I'm pretty happy so far!

Today I need time in the gym! Cheers!

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DAY SIX Sunday!

Breakfast: Beef in consomme

Midmorning snack: N/A

Lunch: Two pieces fried chicken, one hotdog with mustard, ketchup and cheese

Afternoon snack: Beef in consomme

Dinner: A chicken breast done in sauce, taco salad (cabbage, ground beef, tomato and cheese), some spaghetti sauce, a handful of cashews, small slices of mango

Not ideal diet wise (especially for dinner) but I didn't veer into non Paleo category and I stuck to water which is golden.

Honestly, I tried the scale today and HUZZAH I'm registering below 220lbs. Not such a big deal at this point but at least I'm not above 220 anymore, will report in when the diet leads me to sub 210. Now that'll be something to sing about.

As for workout:

10 minutes 10.5kph on the treadmill. I was gunning for my usual 30 minute run but someway, I just didn't have it in me. Very weird. I'm going to scale it back down to 10kph for the next few runs and when I accomplish them, I'll move up to 10.5kph.

Since I did less than half of my run, I put in some jump rope time. Put in 10minute non stop of alternating intensity.

Then did 3x5 Pull Ups. Better than normal but not quite there yet. A lot of jumping starts involved.

Then lastly, I did 50lbs + bar Bear Complex of 5 rounds of 7 reps for time. I got it down to 14:31 (as opposed to my last time of 18:30, lots of rests) quite the jump but I just got in there and focused. The result: felt a bit woozy after but I'm sure it was all worth it.

Great first week if I do say so myself! Let's go!

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I clocked in four workouts for the 6 days in the first week (4/7 if we're going to be anal about it hahaha, which we SHOULD!). Which is a pretty decent number, I got to put in quality work at least. I managed to beat my PR on the Squat of 280lbs + bar to 285lbs! Which is huge, a month and a half of staggered workouts in the making. So glad I got to lock it down. Got some ground on my light workouts. But my last workout (yesterday) had me doing chin ups and the Bear Complex again. Pretty exciting.

Two heavy workouts this week, one light workout plus one "Crossfit" day. Man, I really need to work on incorporating more Crossfit type stuff throughout the week. Maybe next challenge!


A scary trend that has prevailed all of last week (and also including today!) has been me not finishing my runs on the treadmill. Frankly, it's my least favorite thing to do but I have to say I'm pretty good at it. But so far this week, I keep "failing" to reach the maximum allotted minutes per workout. Something just shuts down in my head and I hit the stop button after a certain point.

But the good thing coming out of this is that I got to play around more with the jump rope. I'm slowly learning to love it. I'm not a newbie by any means but I never managed to sustain a good jump rope session for more than 2 minutes. Now I'm doing 10 minute sets and it feels great! At least.


Oh but on to the piece de resistance, the main bulk of this challenge: the diet! The good news first: YES! I managed to go through this week without taking on a single liquid calorie (apart from the occasional soup of course) in the form of juice, diet soda (!) and or anything else that isn't water. Huzzah! I was also able to steer clear of anything that even slightly resembles dessert. No chocolate, no cake, no icecream, nada!

The slightly bad news is that no-matter how hard I try to drill it into my head that this is a strictly 100% Paleo challenge, I find myself eating things that aren't exactly ideal: specifically slightly breaded fried chicken (mostly because I can't be arsed to take the skin off), stewed beans a la fabada (household favorite) and cheese in my food.

And my other problem is, despite the fact that I manage to eat cleanly for the most of the day, I have that tendency to eat a lot at dinner. Mostly because it's after workout, despite the fact that it's a lot of vegetables and proteins--I still feel like the calories are getting the better of me.


Overall though, I'm happy with this first week run! I've managed to hit below the 220lb mark and I couldn't be happier! I like the amount of workouts I got to put in and hopefully I get to manage that streak this week. Wish me luck! Stay tuned for my Day 7!

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DAY 7 and start of Week 2.

Heavy day today! Coming into the workout, my "wings" were sore from the chins I did yesterday. I rarely get sore these days other than my legs and my chest so I welcomed the feeling. Hopefully it means I'm getting stronger somewhat!

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and a porkchop

Midmorning snack: a hardboiled egg and a porkchop

Lunch: Spicy tuna salad with a lot of bad sauce (mayonnaise based I felt) and a bowl of Japanese soup

Afternoon snack: 2 cups of raw turnips

Dinner: Poached chicken with ginger sauce (Hainanese style), 2 cups of fabada (bad) and half a plate of steamed broccoli.

Yikes, I totally felt like I over ate for dinner but coming off of my workout, it just made sense at the time. Now I regret it. When will I ever learn?

At any rate, like I mentioned--I'm maintaining my sub 220lb weight at the scale today. A good sign! Can't wait to break 215lbs.

Today was a heavy workout day!

5x5 285lbs + bar Squat. As predicted, this was one tough mother! The second round is always hard but hopefully will look up the next round.

3x5 150lbs + bar Chest Press. PR! Wahoo, I scaled it down to 3 sets from 5, I promised myself that when I hit 150 I would do that as suggested in the StrongLifts 5x5 protocol. Frankly, I felt like I could've hit 2 more sets but we'll see in the next round.

No deadlift.

Was coming into a 25 minute run at 10kph but really felt off today, my brain just shut off and I stopped at the 2 minute mark. Almost threw the towel in but fortunately, I decided to do a 10 minute jump rope.

Feels good to do something other than running! And I'm managing to do all my tricks (criss-cross and double unders) much more cleanly. It's a good way to entertain yourself through out. Boy, am I beat.

Thanks for reading along! Good luck for the 2nd week! Cheers!

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good luck with week 2. you can do it.

"Come with me if you want to lift" -The Brominator

"Later, I would learn that coincidences are the most planned things in the world. Later, I would learn that every single moment is a coincidence." - Douglas Coupland

"Anyone who doesn't want french fries every day is a commie." - AngelaTheGeek

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Thanks Crooked and Nightlight! I'm so glad to be with you guys in this challenge! At any rate, DAY 8

"Light" day today! Was feeling pretty heavy coming into the workout and I missed more than half of my exercises, but the good thing is I nailed my run down for the first time in 2 weeks! Huzzah. But first, the diet:

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and a boiled chicken breast with ginger sauce

Midmorning snack: 1 hard boiled egg and a boiled chicken breast with ginger sauce

Lunch: Big salad, a cup of steamed shrimp, a piece of pork barbecue and some stewed pork. Half a cup of green mangoes for dessert.

Afternoon snack: 1 cup raw turnip, half a cup of green mangoes.

Dinner: 3 pieces of fried chicken wings, stewed vegetables (cabbage, carrots and string beans). Banana for dessert.

Not bad, but I feel like I overstepped my calories again. We'll see if I make a dent this week combined with my timely exercises. As for the workout:

30 minutes run at 10kph, with a final sprint of 12kph at the last 3 minutes. PRETTY tough but I got through it. Huzzah!

5x5 90lbs + bar Overhead Press. Pretty winded after the run, but I knocked this out of the park.

Due to time constraints (and fatigue!) I skipped out on both the Bent Over Row and the Bicep Curls. Pretty tough but I will make it up next round.

Rest day tomorrow! AAAAHHHH.

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Thanks Missjazzyfe! Yeah now that I think about it, it was still worth the time in! Wuhoo. Anyway today was supposed to be a rest day but I found the extra time so I decided to make up for yesterday:


Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and two fried chicken wings

Midmorning snack: 1 hard boiled egg and a friend chicken wing

Lunch: Big salad, a cup of chicken soup (no noodles), some sausage, some stewed pork and green mango for dessert.

Afternoon snack: raw peeled cucumbers and some green mango (HEY, they're in season!)

Dinner: a cup of stewed ground pork soup, a plate of steamed broccoli and another green vegetable I don't know the English equivalent for and some smoked fish.

Still had a calorie heavy lunch but hey, I'm still keeping up with the Paleo principles!

As for the workout, put in a "light" workout again:

5x5 90lbs + bar Overhead Press. Pretty okay, will try to acclimate to 95lbs next workout.

5x5 140lbs + bar Bentover Row. Still hard, will keep.

5x5 65lbs + bar Bicep Curls. Will try to go up next round.

Tried to do 3x5 sets of Chin Ups but no go. Stopped at 2.

Put in a 25 minute run at 10kph, with the last 5 minutes at 12kph. This used to be such a cake walk for me to pull off, I just had to zone out and let the music play but this time around--I found myself pushing each and every second, just to get over each minute. But glad I pulled through, it can only get easier from this point on. Right?

Rest day tomorrow but I promise if I find time, I'll put in some cardio. Thanks guys!

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DAY 10 Rest day, nothing major. Didn't have time to exercise, just got home actually from a long day at work. We fixed up our store for this huge sale and we ended up assisting clients well into the night. Made tons of money but bad news is, none of it goes to me HAHA anyway.

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and a hotdog

Midmorning snack: 1 hard boiled egg and a hotdog

Lunch: Big salad, chicken leg, vegetables and some soup.

Afternoon snack: a cup of green mango.

Dinner: had 3 pieces fried chicken.

Pretty okay day but still tired as crap because of work. Ugh, hope I get time tomorrow to put in a heavy workout. For now, SLEEP!

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DAY 11! Pretty tiring day, pre-launch of our big ass birthday sale and I was on the floor the whole day. I love selling and all but it can get really tiring, and once again, pretty much didn't have time for a workout. So glad I already got three workouts in this week though! Today was meant for a heavy day but alas, no dice.

Good news though, for those of you who know Tyra Banks (whuttt), she featured our stuff on America's Next Top Model! Well she featured it on herself by wearing it! Check it out here: http://twitpic.com/9jcajc

We're the first Filipino designer to ever dress her up. Pretty exciting. Anyway, totally unrelated to my challenge:

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and a hotdog

Midmorning snack: 1 hard boiled egg and a hotdog

Lunch: Big salad, 3 pieces roast chicken and an eggplant omelet

Afternoon snack: ground mung bean

Dinner: pork stew with vegetables

Pretty hectic day, I'm sure I overate but at least, keeping it Paleo! I don't think I'll be able to put on a workout tomorrow (as it is D-Day for me) but hopefully I keep it cleaner! Thanks!

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