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Martinpanduh's 100% Paleo and Fitness challenge!

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DAY 30 supposedly a rest day but I switched it up a bit.

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with IF/Leangains protocol out there. Basically I read up on the 16/8 fast/fed state protocol. And guess what, I tried it out today and it wasn't that hard. I had dinner at 8:30 the previous night, woke up at 6 am and broke my fast at 1PM for lunch! It was a breeze!

Now the thing I noticed is that if I wasn't careful, I would consume the same calories I would consume on a normal non-fasted day. But definitely today, I eliminated all the unnecessary snacking. I would say it is something worth looking into, I'll see if it leads results. I'll try my hand on it again tomorrow.

Good news today though, I weighed again and I'm definitely under 215lbs. Hovering from 213-215 I'd say on the scale. Pretty exciting! Hope I make it.

Lunch at 1PM: Big salad, a couple of eggplant tortes, some beef steak and dumpling soup.

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM: I had half a cup of green mangoes, plus I slowly ate my breakfast (which actually was a lot) of two hardboiled eggs and pork stewed in tomato sauce. A lot of calories here I'm sure but I'll definitely try to balance it out. A lot of protein.

Dinner at 9:30PM: Eggplant salsa, a small fried fish, more of the pork in tomato sauce and then a bowl of ground beef in garlic soup.

I'm taking liberties with dinner since according to leangain.com, I'm following the two pre-workout meal plan wherein my biggest meal should be the one right after my workout. Which is dinner. I should work on leaning out on my two pre-workout meals which is lunch and afternoon snack. Pretty interesting, let's see where this goes.

I would love some more insight on this IF/Leangains thing!

As for today, it was supposed to be a rest day but I decided to put in some cardio and body weight exercises.

10 minutes on the jump rope.

3x5 sets of Pullups. Difficult.

1x20 set of Pushups.

1x11 set of Pushups.

1x10 set of Pushups.

Called it a day right after that! My goal is to complete 3 sets of 20 pushups! Laterrr!

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DAY 31 and still on the IF of 16/8, I'm loving this! I definitely feel like I'm not overdoing my calories more. I find that I don't snack as much as I used to since I have to compress "real food" in that 8 hour window.

To be honest, I'm not compounding this yet with "nutrient macros" and all that stuff yet, I don't know where to begin, but I'm just starting with the fact that I hope this adds up to less calories. And more fat burned.

Lunch at 1PM: Big salad, a couple of chorizos, some beef stew soup, two pieces of pork and a banana.

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM: I had my Filipino sausage and a hardboiled egg and a half spread out

Dinner at 9:00PM: Ate the rest of the egg from lunch, including left over sausage + some tortilla wrapped chicken (ENK, Not-Paleo), spaghetti sauce and some gouda.

I know I've been taking liberties with the cheese and I should stop. Period. Heavy workout day today!

5 sets of warm up squats at ascending weights.

5x5 285lbs + bar Squat. Super difficult but powered through it, mental toughness is all it takes. Really thinking of going 3x5 on the next level p.

2x5 100lbs + bar Chest Press. Warm up sets.

3x5 155lbs + bar Chest Press. One more round then up.

Ran out of time for Deadlifts and Cardio, but better than nothing! See you on the flip side, cardio heavier workout!

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DAY 32 was supposed to run today but circumstances prevented me so, just nutrition today:

Lunch at 1PM: Noodles in peanut sauce, steamed vegetables, dumplings, pork chops. Chinese restaurant

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM: Ate a hardboiled egg, a roast chicken leg and a chicken wrap.

Dinner at 9:00PM: More chicken wraps, spaghetti sauce and some braised pork.

Had some carbs throughout the day but I feel good about this IF thing, truly. Feels like I literally cut the snacking all out. Hope this works! Another rest day tomorrow!

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DAY 33 yesterday was TERRIBLE hahaha! But still managed to put it all in the IF time frame.

Lunch at 1PM: Two pieces of burgers, a quesadilla.

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM: Another burger in Japanese style curry sauce.

Dinner at 9:00PM: Beef skewers, chips (!), cookies (!!), gummy bears (!!!)

It was a bad diet day for me, but oh well. All due to the fact that I went out for my friend's birthday but the good news is, I didn't drink a single drop. Only water for me! Small wins vs. losses. I'll take it!


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DAY 34 of firsts!

Took time out and checked out the neighborhood track and boy was I in for a pleasant surprise, an alternative to when the gym is closed (it's open till 1am!) and I want to get some fresh air. It's a 10 minute drive from my house.

I ran for 30 minutes at a 400 meter oval track. I'm not sure how many rounds I made but will try a different measure next run, how many minutes does it take to make x number of rounds or something.

Lunch at 1PM: Spaghetti sauce, string beans and some stewed pork

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM: String beans and gouda cheese.

Dinner at 9:00PM: Beef salpicao, chicken cordon bleu, half a cup of rice(!) and some slices of thin-crust pizza.

Pretty bad Paleo-wise but I felt like it wasn't all that bad.

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DAY 35

Lunch at 1PM: Big salad, two pieces of chicken and some pork sausage. Banana.

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM: Two hard boiled eggs and some ground beef.

Dinner at 9:00PM: Ground beef, fried bananas and string beans in coconut milk + squash.

Okay day. Still on IF! No workout though, my ipod died. Will replace it!

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DAY 36

Yesterday was a heavy day for me! I love those days that I seem to hit my stride and conquer a working weight. It usually happens after a week of solid PAIN and then I visibly get stronger after my weekend break, pretty awesome. But it really takes time and rest.

5x5 285lbs + bar Squat. Pretty okay, manageable at least.

3x5 155lbs + bar Chest Press. Pretty difficult, one more round.

1x5 220lbs + bar Deadlift with a reverse grip. Cripes, need a lot of help here.

Didn't manage to put in any cardio, shame!

Lunch at 1PM: Pho noodles and some fresh spring rolls.

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM: Two hard boiled eggs and chicken wraps.

Dinner at 9:00PM: Ground beef in tomato sauce with raisins and fried bananas.

This IF thing is really exciting. Pulling it off nicely.

Oh and great news, I just might make my lose 10lbs goal and reach 210! I'm currently hovering over 211-212lbs with shoes so who knows! Cheers!

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Thank you Loren! I appreciate it! How have you been doing? You've been out for a while!

DAY 37

No exercise today, was supposed to do cardio but fell through because my Grandmother felt sick. She made me stay with her, lol which is ultimately the right thing to do. Anyway.

Lunch at 1PM: Big salad and chicken.

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM:Hardboiled egg plus half of my corned tuna.

Dinner at 9:00PM:Fried chicken, hardboiled egg and then the other half of my corned tuna.

Pretty okay!

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Didn't have time the past two days to log my food but I'm here to update about my workouts!

DAY 38

27 minute run at 10kph with a final sprint of 3 minutes at 12kph.

No weights.

DAY 39

Felt a bit under the weather, managed only 3/5 sets of squats.

3x5 285lbs + bar Squat.

3x5 155lbs + bar Chest Press. One more round, still pretty difficult.

1x5 225lbs + bar Reverse Grip Deadlift. DEATH on the hands.

10 minutes jump rope for cardio. Pretty tiring.

As for diet, was okay for the most part up until I broke through my IF window by eating CHIPS at my friend's house. Anyway, one cheat meal won't hurt. I hope.


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DAY 40 yesterday!

Lunch at 1PM: Big salad, beef steak

Mid-Afternoon Snack from 3-5PM: One hard boiled egg, spam

Dinner at 9:00PM: Beef stew Filipino style, stir-fried string beans and a pork chop. Had tea afterwards (no sugar) and then half a red velvet cupcake.

No workout.

Just came in from a run today (but a super heavy afternoon snack, think waffles and sugar syrup) but will update a bit later!

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End of challenge! First off, I will evaluate my goals and grade them accordingly.

DIET or the very basis of the 100% Paleo challenge

Drink nothing but water (or very low calorie tea, at most)

No chocolates or any unnecessary evils

No shortcuts

Grade earned: B

Points available: 5 (4 CON + 1 STA)

Points earned: 3.75 (3 CON + .75 STA)

I am giving myself a B because, yes, I completed this challenge without a single drop of alcohol, soda (!), diet soda, lemonade or anything that includes any artificial flavoring. Well, except from the occasional glass of cold black tea and honey. I didn't get an A or 100% because for the most part, I failed in the aspect of keeping up with the rudiments of Paleo 100% (despite the fact that I still apply these rules to 95% of all my meals) because there were days that I ate bread, a bit of rice, cookies and whatnot. I'm still pretty happy with my results but I'll delve more into this later.


Increase running capacity

Increase lifts

Incorporate more crossfit type cardio workouts

Grade earned: A

Points available: 5 (3 STR + 2 DEX)

Points earned: 3.75 (2.25 STR + 1.5 DEX)

I am giving myself a 5 out of 5 on this because I must say, I'm pretty proud of following through with all of my workouts. I've had significant gains (meaning I hit a few PRs) on a few lifts and got back in the game for the most part. But I'm mostly very proud of achieving a consistent cardio time and I feel like I really made a dent this time.


Maintain a workout schedule each week

Update every single day on NerdFitness

Basically make small changes that will impact the challenge

Grade earned: A

Points available: 5 (2 CON + 1 STA + 1 WIS + 1 CHA)

Points earned: 5 (2 CON + 1 STA + 1 WIS + 1 CHA)

Wuhoo, even though I didn't achieve the right number of workouts every single week, I did manage to update and make enough of an effort to make a dent on this challenge.


STR 4 + 2.25 = 6.25

DEX 4 + 1.5 = 5.5

STA 2 + 1.75 = 3.75

CON 2 + 5 = 5

WIS 1 + 1 = 2

CHA 2 + 1 = 3

So that's that. In all seriousness though and numbers aside, I really felt like this was the best breakthrough I've had ever since joining this website for almost more than 2 years ago. Quite a number of challenges aside, this is the fist time I've really made a tangible dent. Apart from levelling up my fitness goals (which is usually achieved), I've finally been able to drop my weight.

From the starting point of 220lbs, in the span of these odd 41 days, I've managed to drop down to 210-212lbs! I learned so much from this challenge (about consistency and discipline). The turning point for me would definitely have to be the significant reduction of liquid calories and my foray into a combination of a Paleo-style diet and an IF/Leangains feeding schedule.

The 16 hours fasted state and 8 hours fed state totally helped me in cutting out all manners of snacking. The knowledge that I would have to accommodate real and healthy food in a short span of time totally kept me focused all throughout the day. I feel like I've cut out so many un-healthy things and I feel great about it. I feel like I've finally made a dent and the scale shows! Even people have started to notice.

What's exciting for me is to continue this to my ultimate goal of making 180lbs of ideal weight, losing this stomach and achieving the best self that I can be. Sounds a bit cheesy but hey, it feels awesome. I can't wait for the next challenge to start!

Will definitely keep this up until then. And I will fix my goals to be more specific so that the points distribution will be a bit more fair. Thanks for helping me out! Shout out to Lorenwade, Nightlight, Crooked and everybody else who gave me a leg up this challenge. Cheers!

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