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Continuing the Rebellion

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Hi, after discovering Nerd Fitness in April, I finally bit the bullet and joined the Academy in early July. I’m a retired desk jockey, retrained as a cook. Hobbies are reading, travel/exploring, and I recently started taking ukulele lessons :). My "Big Why" for joining the Rebellion is that I want to be able to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see and how I feel, esp. as I grow older. My go-to cardio is the rowing machine, I walk every day, and I do bodyweight exercises 3x/week. I am also a meditator and am dedicated to maintaining my practice (Vipassana) daily.


Main Quest: lose 7.4 kg (16 lbs) by the end of 2018
S.M.A.R.T. goals:
- I don’t reward myself with food
- I measure portions
- I drink less liquid calories
- I eat greens every day


BTW, since joining the Rebellion, I've lost 4.3 kg (about 9.5 lbs)!


Looking forward to getting to know fellow Rebels.

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Heyo, happy to have you here!

Just did a quick search of Vipassana, and it intrigues me. I might have to find a way to practice it myself!

I like the substitution of greens into the diet; it sounds like a pretty effective way to cut down on unhealthy calories without just eating less overall. The "not using food as a reward" goal is also really smart. Have you thought of what else you could use as a reward?


I'm looking forward to seeing how your challenge goes! 

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Hi Soular,

Nice to meet you! I highly recommend taking the 10-day Vipassana retreat offered by https://www.dhamma.org/. I have done 2 and served for another, but as I see you'll be getting back to school soon, this would be something to consider when the school term is over. But check through your school's campus ministry - many offer intro meditation sessions and meet regularly so that's a great place to start a practice and learn more about it. As for rewards, yes, I have a list and the ukulele lessons (and purchase of an entry-level instrument) are my rewards for several quests I've done since I joined the NF Academy.


Looking at your challenge, you've got a lot going on there. I look forward to seeing how it all goes. Take care!

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