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First Challenge: Hitting the reset button

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Using the level 1 challenge to reset my life and get myself back on the healthy train.  After rubbing right up on the max weight for my last PRT, and waking up one too many times being unsatisfied with what I saw in the mirror, I decided it was finally time to get things back on track.  I know I'm late to the party, but I plan on just keeping my challenge going past September 9th and keeping it going all the way out to September 26th.  The goals I'm attacking are:

Diet (pick two)

  • Eat a vegetable with one meal every day
  • Take one processed snack you have each day and replace it with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetable


Fitness (pick one)

  • Walk every day (5 minutes) - this could even be in the form of standing up at your desk and walking around the office.


Level Up Your Life (Pick One)

  • 5 minutes meditation daily
  • Reduce caffeine consumption by 50%


I picked two life level up goals because I'm drinking waaay too much caffeine and need to knock that down sooner rather than later.  Here goes nothing....

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Welcome! It's great to have you here.


I'm not familiar with the term "PRT, " a quick search told me it was Physical Readiness Test but I wanna double check with ya. 


One of my goals is to meditate every day; one thing that helped me out was specifying a time of day to meditate (for me, it's immediately after I wake up).


Looking forward to seeing your progress! Best of luck! 

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Nice first challenge! I'll be happy to consume your share of the caffeine for you :lol: 

RES...and I want to live days worth dying for

Current: RES: SET but not always ready


Growth happens when you care more about the well being of your future self than the comfort of your present self!

"Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is." -Yoda


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