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Should I get a new barbell for dead lifting and squats?

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Hi All,


I made a few mistakes when buying equipment for my home gym, because I did not know better. The bar I purchased is apparently intended for the olympic lifts, with a 32mm diameter and no centre knurling (I don't know if this is right, I don't do olys). I haven't even measured to see if the bar even is the right measurements anywhere else for powerlifting, there are rings but they probably are wrong.


I am wondering how much of a difference the crappy knurling and extra 4mm on the grip will be making? Would this make it worth looking for a budget 28mm barbell?


Also, as there is no centre knurling the bar slides like a mothertrucker on my back. I am going to guess that this can make a huge difference and also would make it worth me looking for a better barbell?


If I have to spend the bucks, I don't feel I am at a loss because my current bar I am sure will still be useful for plenty of things? Front squats and presses I guess.


Can anyone recommend a good UK barbell under £100? I'm looking at this one, probably has some flaws.. but has what I need I think. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bodypower-BLACK-Olympic-320Kg-Rated/dp/B00CS54QJG


Don't get me wrong... I would love to spend the extra on a rogue or something but it is just way out of my price range for now. In the future I will treat myself.

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32mm is a not a standard diameter for olympic lifting, 28-29mm is for that. 32mm is for powerlifting squats (yet yours has no centre knurling...). It will make deadlifting/bench/rows a little harder due to grip strength requirements. That said, if you are not competing and just trying to get stronger I don't see any harm just sticking with your bar.


As for the bar sliding around on the back, you should be pulling bar down onto you rather than pushing it up while squatting. That will help to make it a lot more stable. Or do front squats instead, the lack of a centre knurling is a great gift there!

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